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Revealing mistake: Dom pours petrol over the money to make a point to Reyes. When he does, he pours a small bit on the top and chucks the can away. When he throws the lighter, the entire mound goes up instantly. Even areas with no petrol, and nowhere near the lighter. (00:47:05)

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Suggested correction: Petrol is a liquid and as such it will run down from the top as well as the splashing of him pouring it. It will all go up instantly same as if you petrol to start a bonfire.

Clearly not seen the scene. The amount of petrol that is poured is nowhere near enough to cover the entire mound as shown. Even with the liquid splashing and sloshing all over as it's poured.

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Plot hole: Reyes is the only one able to open his vault in the police station as shown in the movie. All the cash from the cash houses are taken to the vault and we see Reyes arrive to check the money is in the vault. How did the money get in the vault if only Reyes himself can open it? To assume the vault is kept open would be ludicrous as it would defy the whole point of the vault. (00:52:30)

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Suggested correction: Reyes has all of his money taken from the safe houses to the police station, all at the same time. Yes, the vault is kept open until all the money gets there and then it is closed. There is no other way to do what Reyes wants without leaving the vault open. Bear in mind that under normal circumstances the money itself has very little actual security, because nobody else would be crazy enough to attack one of Reyes' safe houses.


While your correction is good in respect of the money being taken to the vault, my mistake was referring to the point before the heists. Reyes orders the money to be taken to the vault after the one safe house is hit. And when all the cash is being brought it, yes the vault would be kept open. But what about before the first hit on the safe house? It is extremely unlikely that the vault would have been open prior to this. So how was the vault opened to allow all the money to be brought in in the first place? If only Reyes can open it.

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We don't know anything at all about the safe or its contents prior to the money being consolidated. It very well could have been completely empty and unlocked. Reyes could have unlocked the safe, left the building, and only returned once all his money was there. There just isn't enough information for this to be a plot hole. Remember, Reyes is only doing all of this because Dom burned his money. He fully trusts the cops to keep his money safe and it is fairly well established that nobody else in Rio would even attempt to steal from him.


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Continuity mistake: Throughout the entire vault chase scene, the condition of Dom and Brian's car windows switch between being damaged and perfectly intact. (01:42:20)


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Roman Pearce: You know, I think I make a better special agent than you ever did.
Brian O'Conner: I guess that depends on how you define 'special'.

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Question: When Hobbs realises that Dom and Brian left him with an empty vault, Hobbs has a flashback of Leo and Santos loading the real vault onto a truck. My question: was that really a flashback (did he really see it take place and forget?) or was it like Dom's image of Letty's death when he and Mia are at the crash site in Fast Four and not 100% accurate, since he didn't know what Letty's killer looked like yet?

Answer: Hobbs doesn't see that scene, though he probably does guess part of what happened - ie. that they swapped the vaults. The scene is played as a reveal for us, the audience, to show us how the vault that is supposed to be full of money is now suddenly empty.


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