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Corrected entry: Roman says to Tej "We gotta go, let's do this." Then the second car pulls up with two girls in it. So now there are three girls and two guys for a total of five people. The cars only seat two people, which means only four people can go, and one would be left behind. (01:58:15)


Correction: This would be a mistake in a movie about law abiding, careful drivers. These guys would have no problems squeezing two women into one seat of a sports car.

Exactly, not a problem for the guys. Especially Roman.

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Corrected entry: In the montage showing the characters testing the cars to see if they can beat the cameras, after Don Omar crashes, when it shows Mia Torreto and Ludacris, the screen in front of Mia is still green with the blue plus-signs.

Correction: Her screen shows the camera's feed.

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Corrected entry: Police all over are looking for Mia, Dom and Brian. They would have sent their pictures to every airport along with a notice to apprehend, yet Brian, Mia and Dom manage to get to Rio. They couldn't have driven there, they would have to have flown. That they didn't get stopped by security or customs is not possible.

Correction: No time is given between when they freed Dom and ended up in Rio,so we have no idea how long it took. There are a number of ways to get out of the country besides flying. With both Brian and Dom's contacts they could have taken a boat or crossed into Mexico before taking any combination of transportation to Rio.

Corrected entry: In the scene after the police chase and fail to capture the main characters, they are shown inspecting the engine of the Ford GT with a black light. On the engine is a single plane intake manifold. However, Ford GT's are supercharged. A twin screw supercharger should be sitting there instead.

Correction: The car represented in this scene is a Ford GT40, from the 60s. These original versions of the contemporary Ford GT were in fact NOT supercharged. A twin screw should NOT have been shown.

Corrected entry: When in the final chase scene on the bridge, Dom and Brian are driving Dodge Chargers when they get to the bridge, however when it cuts back, they are driving VW's.

Correction: Dom and Brian drive their Chargers throughout the entire chase. The VWs are pursuing them and belong to Reyes' convoy, one of them even has Reyes sitting inside.


Corrected entry: Hobbs asks his agent to run facial recognition against known associates of Dom's, and Tej's and Roman's pics pop up. The problem is they are not known associates of Dom's, they both literally just met him.


Correction: He asks for "known associates of Toretto and O'Connor" so Tej and Rome will show up.

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Corrected entry: When Dom cuts Brian's car free at the end, it cuts free from the vault, so he is still dragging the cable. When him and Dom drive off at the end, the cable is gone.

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Correction: During the vault scene, when Dom cuts Brian's car loose, he detaches from the vault, not the cable. but if you listen closely, you can hear the wire re-wrap into the coil.

Corrected entry: When Brian and Dom jump from the cliff and land in the water. They do not show any signs of bruising, not even a small one. From that height, hitting the water is like hitting concrete. It probably wouldn't kill them, but they wouldn't just walk away in the way they did. (00:17:00)


Correction: The car that they were in hit the water first and broke the surface tension making it less of an impact. If it was just them falling, no car, then it would've been worse.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Tyrese and Ludacris meet up, he has an old Ford, but a Chevy symbol on the grill.

Correction: No, that's the proper Ford Galaxie emblem on the grille. It looks similar to the Chevy bow tie, but it's not.


Corrected entry: When being chased near the end, Paul Walkers car windshield gets smashed by 2 bullets, and then by a guy hitting it from falling off a motor bike, then magically in the next shot and the rest of the chase, the windshield is intact.

Correction: If you look closely the bullet marks are there the rest of the car chase on the passenger side. The guy who fell off the motorcycle lands on a parked car to the side, not on Brian's car.

Corrected entry: In the scene in which they are being chased with the vault attached, the length of cable between each car and the vault is the same. Coming out of the police station, both cars can't fit between the exit next to each other, so one car pulls in front of the other. This realistically would not be possible because a) one car alone is not strong enough to pull the vault, and because one car backed off to give the other car room to pull out in front they would stop moving, and b) if they were both pulling on the vault, the towing cable on the car that went in front of the other car would have realistically crossed paths with the car behind and either gone right through it or crashed it. Yet neither happens. (01:41:45)

Correction: Momentum. When you drag something along a path you create motion. If you stop dragging it, it will not stop moving straight away. So they maneuvered the cars to fit between exit and then moved into position to continue to drag the vault.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Vin Diesel and Paul walker are driving off with the vault, as they speed around a corner the vault flips and rolls several times (which would twist the wires) yet when they drive off they are un-twisted.

Correction: In the outside shot before the one where you can see the shooting police men, you can see the vault flipping over again, only this timme the other way around then when it hit the little poles. This would leave it the same way up as when they ripped it out of the wall, and the wires untwisted.


Corrected entry: When the 4x4 crashes into the train and is lifted from the tracks, there are no rails.

Correction: The rails can be seen in every shot except one (angle). From this angle the rails are most likely obscured by the dust created by the impact.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the team needs Reyes's fingerprints to open the safe, Gisele goes in a bikini towards Reyes on the beach and sits on his lap. He puts his left hand on the thong, and they use the thong to get the fingerprints to open the safe. But actually the safe opens with his Right Hand prints, as one would have noticed in the earlier scene.

Correction: Just because Reyes used his right hand once onscreen doesn't mean the safe isn't set up to use either handprint.


It's impossible to get fingerprints on tissue like that.

Corrected entry: Brian says that 49.2 kilo's is a million dollars in twenties. 1.000.000/20=500.000 notes of twenties. But when Reyes checks his vault, there's also a big bunch of fifties. And when Dom gives Vince's share to Rosa, there are also hundred dollar bills in there. This would seriously alter the weight - because the weight to value ratio of a fifty, and most certainly a hundred dollar bill, differs massively of that from a twenty. (00:28:30)


Correction: Depending on how Reyes fences and launders the money, he could be changing up to higher denominations to save space. All we know is that the money is delivered to the cash houses on a weekly basis. So by all means they could be delivered as twenties and fenced through banks or other business' to higher denominations. It's also explained that anything illegal in Rio is to do with Reyes so its entirely plausible he has more than twenties.

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Corrected entry: When Hobbs shoots Reyes, listen closely and you can hear shells falling on the ground - impossible, seeing how Hobbs is using a revolver, which retains the shell casings.


Correction: You hear Hobbs walking on shattered glass that sounds similar to the casing falling.

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Corrected entry: When Dom wears his cross necklace, it hangs low on his chest due to the long chain, When the interpreter is wearing it, it sits high on her chest as if it has a small chain. (01:14:00)

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Correction: Since it's not her necklace, and she knows the chain is too long, she can easily just knot or twist the chain behind her neck until it is short enough. Alternatively, there's a long time lapse between Dom and her wearing at, and she could have used one of her own, shorter, chains from home.

We are shown the chain when she has it removed from her and it's the same chain.

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Corrected entry: When Dom and Brian are running fast with the large vault behind them you can see how the vault is dragged into a tree, which is not moving and they drive on with the vault. Later you see a police car going into a similar tree, which then split in half. The vault is way too big and heavy to have left the tree untouched at that speed.


Correction: Three factors are in play here: 1) the species of the tree (it could be a much stronger tree); 2) where they crash the vault into it; and 3) how alive the tree was. Maybe the one the police car crashes into was nearly dead, and the vault is much bigger, which means that it spreads the load much more. The difference between hitting a plank with a hammer, and hitting a nail with a hammer.


Corrected entry: When Brian slams the brakes when he's trying to evade the two cops on the dirt-bikes, the one who lands on his hood first flips over the hood and down the right side of the car. In the following shot, he actually lands on the windshield. (01:44:40)


Correction: He does not actually land on the Charger.Instead, he lands on the windshield of done old car parked beside.

Corrected entry: The gang steal four brand new Police spec 2011 Dodge Chargers. When Brian and Dom yank the safe out, the Chargers they're driving are older spec, with the old tail lights. Han and Roman are seen driving the other, new Chargers later in that chase.

Correction: Not really a continuity error since they could have swapped them at any point between taking the cars and the final heist.

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Gisele is pointing a gun at Roman, Gisele's finger moves from on the trigger guard to the trigger in different shots. (00:41:25)


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Question: Something I didn't quite understand: when Hobbs and his team learn of Reyes from getting the information of the owner of the car, Neves says that if there's anything illegal going on in Rio that Reyes is involved. Then later in the film when Dom goes to her place to get his necklace, they talk and she says "Reyes owns this favela now". It seemed as though she did not show her knowledge of Reyes to Hobbs and his team by her use of "If". So is that a character mistake or was she pretending?

Answer: You probably didn't understand that when she spoke to Hobbs, she meant that Reyes is behind everything illegal. Not a mistake.

Anastasios Anastasatos

And that he literally owns the Favela, which is separate from his illegal activities. Remember he talked about the Spaniards and the Portuguese and how they conquered Brazil. He owns the Favela by providing water and electricity and daycare to the people, making him necessary in their life and willing to do anything to keep those things.

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