Unstoppable (2010)

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Plot hole: According to the channel 8 live report "the railway company is still not commenting." Yet they knew what happened to make 777 unmanned, that Dewey was the driver, his age, that he would face disciplinary action, that it was Ryan scott attempting to board, his age, that he was an ex marine, that he'd just came back from Afghanistan, that Judd Stewart was driving the front loco and his age, the names of Frank and Will and what they were attempting to do. That's an awful lot of accurate, detailed information when the company is apparently not commenting.


Factual error: In the yard scene when Dewey tries to change the switch, the throttle lever slips from idle to full power. This would not have been possible. Throttle levers are notched, and require significant force to move.

Factual error: In several scenes PA State Police Troopers are shown wearing metal badges on their shirts or jackets. PA troopers do not wear shirt badges. Their hat is considered their badge of authority.

Factual error: In several scenes a PA State Police Captain is shown wearing a "Trooper" style campaign hat. Only PSP enlisted ranks (Trooper, Corporal, Sergeant) wear campaign hats. Higher ranks, including Captain, wear round military "service" caps.

Factual error: Connie is giving orders to people in the railroad control room like she's in charge. In reality the control director is in charge, and the yardmaster doesn't have any authority over him as he is a higher ranked employee, with higher authority than the yardmaster. While yardmasters do work in the control room to help engineers who finished loading, and left yards reach their destinations, they don't give orders to any of the staff in the control room. They only have authority over the yards they manage.

Other mistake: When the runaway train is about to hit the rail car, the rear bogey on that rail car is not on the tracks.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, the controller tells the two guys to move a parked train. The two men are between two trains, and dependent on the shot, the one to the right of them is either moving or not.


Character mistake: Engine #1206 is instructed to take the nearest siding upon hearing the news of the oncoming train. Frank does the maths and determines that they will not fit into that siding. He states the siding being 4011 feet between signals, with about 2500 of actual usable space. Engine #1206 with 25 cars would only equal 1580 feet, giving them more than enough room to clear in the first available siding.The average length of a railroad car is 60 feet. Even if the cars were considered "long", total 25 cars would have fit into that siding.

Other mistake: When 1206 is tracking close to 777, Barnes asks Hooper how far away 777 is from 1206. Hooper replies "one and a half miles, and gaining." Barnes indicates that 1206 just passed mile marker 57. Shortly after, Hooper states that 777 is at mile marker 61. This would make the distance between the two at minimum 4 miles apart.

Continuity mistake: When the truck with the horse trailer is across the crossing, 777 is way off in the distance with a deer crossing the tracks. The next shot of 777 shows the train a lot closer to the crossing and then in the final shot, it shows 777 way in the distance again, showing the same deer crossing the tracks.

Frank: This ain't training. In training they just give you an F. Out here you get killed.

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Trivia: This was Tony Scott's final feature film before his death in 2012.

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