Resident Evil: Afterlife

Revealing mistake: When Alice and Claire land on top of the prison in the plane, Angel pulls a cable across the roof to help the plane slow down. As he pulls it tight the angle at which the camera is at wobbles due to the cable knocking it.


Revealing mistake: When fighting the Executioner, Alice is thrown into a wall by its axe and drops one of her shotguns. Upon impact you can see the entire wall wobble.


Revealing mistake: After Bennett takes off, Luther jumps on the edge of the prison. When he hits it, you can see the seemingly solid concrete edge wobble.


Revealing mistake: Just before the group enters the elevator which Alice blows up, they are all shooting at the horde of zombies. But pay close attention to Alice's MP5K. There are no empty shells flying away from it, which means the gun ran out of blanks and the flares were edited in later on. Also, we can see the empty cases flying away from Luthers gun, who is even further away from the camera.


Revealing mistake: When the Umbrella guards are lining up in front of the elevator, we get a few close-up shot of the level counter. During those close-ups, you can see the ribbed rear wall of the elevator when the dial is still only at level 3. Compare the wall to when the doors open, it is exactly the same. This means that the elevator isn't moving at all, and that it is just the dial.


Revealing mistake: When Wesker flips Claire and Chris during their fight, in the brief sequence from the side when she lands on her back, a TCR timecode is visible in the lower-left of the screen for a single frame before it cuts to the sequence with Alice cornered by dogs. TCR timecodes are meant to be removed when a film is finished.


Revealing mistake: Just after the Tower Swing, Alice shoots with her Smith and Wesson at a load of zombies. But when she fires the last two shots (the ones in slow-motion) pay close attention to the gun in HER right hand. The chamber doesn't start to turn until after she has fired the shot, meaning that the hammer would strike a spent bullet.


Revealing mistake: Just before the Axeman throws his axe at Claire and Alice, we get of shot of Claire turning around. But pay close attention to the wall behind her. You can already see the crack which is going to hold up his axe before he throws it. And it isn't an old crack, because when Alice is about to take a shower, all the walls are perfectly fine.


Continuity mistake: Right after Bennett takes off in the plane, Claire throws a gun to Alice. Between the slow-motion shots, the gun switches position in mid-air before Alice catches it. In the shot of Claire throwing it, the barrel is facing to the right, meaning that it should be facing to the left in the shot of Alice catching it. But it still faces the right when she does. (00:58:30)

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Alice: Hey, boys. Is that any way to treat a lady?

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Trivia: Leon Kennedy, a popular character from the games, was originally intended to be in the film but was dropped. He later appeared in the fifth film.

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