Resident Evil: Afterlife

Other mistake: Pretty much everyone in the film, especially Alice, seems to be able to fire their weapons without reloading at all.

Other mistake: Wesker's chamber on the Arcadia has only one entrance, a big blast door which Alice walks through. Yet Chris and Claire manage to appear behind Wesker without the blast door ever being opened.

Other mistake: At the end of the fight with the Axeman, Alice points a shotgun towards him, while both she and Claire are sitting on their knees (as is seen in the overhead shot with the axe in the wall). But the shotgun is clearly pointed downwards. Alice is 5'9'', while the Axeman is at least 9 ft. tall. If she wants to blow his head off, she should have been pointing it more up. (01:07:40)


Other mistake: When we see a shot of the plane flying away from under the camera through the mountains, the 2:40 crop (letterbox) is drastically warped in the upper right half of the image.Spotted on the Australian Blu-Ray release. The DVD copy does not have this error. (00:19:20)

Other mistake: During the fight with the Axeman, we get a few shots of him breaking the shower columns. In the overhead shot of Claire, the columns in front of her and way out of reach of the Axeman are already broken, before the flip.


Continuity mistake: Right after Bennett takes off in the plane, Claire throws a gun to Alice. Between the slow-motion shots, the gun switches position in mid-air before Alice catches it. In the shot of Claire throwing it, the barrel is facing to the right, meaning that it should be facing to the left in the shot of Alice catching it. But it still faces the right when she does. (00:58:30)

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Alice: Hey, boys. Is that any way to treat a lady?

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Trivia: Leon Kennedy, a popular character from the games, was originally intended to be in the film but was dropped. He later appeared in the fifth film.

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