Resident Evil: Afterlife
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Alice: Hey, boys. Is that any way to treat a lady?

Albert Wesker: I ingest you... I gain control.
Alice: That's pretty smart thinking. There's only one problem with that plan...
Albert Wesker: And what is that?
Alice: I'm not on the menu.

Chris Redfield: Behind those doors is a UPV. Urban Pacification Vehicle. Prison kept it in case of a serious riot. 16 wheeler, steel plated, water cannon, seats 20. 10 tons of fun. Roll on out in style, drive right over them.

Luther West: We're going to need some more firepower.
Chris Redfield: I got you covered. When I was stationed here, we used a room in the basement as an armory. It's got every weapon you can dream of.
Angel Ortiz: How do you know your unit didn't take 'em with them when they pulled out?
Chris Redfield: Because by the end, there were a lot more guns than there were people to use them.

Alice: This may get a little rough.
Claire: Then cut me loose.
Alice: Just don't do anything crazy, all right?
Claire: Nothing as crazy as what you have in mind.

Albert Wesker: Well isn't this one big family reunion. Chris and Claire Redfield... You've really become quite an inconvenience for me.
Alice: I told you I'd be bringing a few friends.
Albert Wesker: You should've brought more.

Alice: Day 6,1800 hours, Los Angeles. No signs of life, not even the undead. They must have burned with the city. But what about the rest?

Albert Wesker: I'm what you used to be... Only better.

Continuity mistake: When Luther ducks to avoid getting hit by Alice's plane, his gun falls out of his pants. He then picks it up again just before he runs off to clear the roof. But in the shot where Angel runs away, his gun is still lying in the middle of the "E." (00:30:20)


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Trivia: Leon Kennedy, a popular character from the games, was originally intended to be in the film but was dropped. He later appeared in the fifth film.

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Question: Why did the crew of the Arcadia abandon ship?

Answer: Wesker needed to consume fresh DNA to help control the T-virus. He was eating people who had been captured. This scared the crew enough to abandon ship.


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