Resident Evil: Afterlife

Continuity mistake: Right after Bennett takes off in the plane, Claire throws a gun to Alice. Between the slow-motion shots, the gun switches position in mid-air before Alice catches it. In the shot of Claire throwing it, the barrel is facing to the right, meaning that it should be facing to the left in the shot of Alice catching it. But it still faces the right when she does. (00:58:30)


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Continuity mistake: Right before the Needle Dive, the two Alice clones can be seen wearing high heels when they are standing still shooting the Umbrella soldiers and flats when they run towards the window and jump through it. (00:07:45)


Continuity mistake: When Luther ducks to avoid getting hit by Alice's plane, his gun falls out of his pants. He then picks it up again just before he runs off to clear the roof. But in the shot where Angel runs away, his gun is still lying in the middle of the "E." (00:30:20)


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Trivia: Leon Kennedy, a popular character from the games, was originally intended to be in the film but was dropped. He later appeared in the fifth film.

Trivia: The only movie out of the first five films to not include an extreme closeup of Alice's eye opening as she wakes up near the beginning. The shot had become a trademark of the series, and was re-used again in the subsequent fifth film.

Alice: Hey, boys. Is that any way to treat a lady?

Albert Wesker: I'm what you used to be... Only better.

Alice: Day 6,1800 hours, Los Angeles. No signs of life, not even the undead. They must have burned with the city. But what about the rest?

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Question: How did the Executioner zombie get into the shower room? It couldn't have burrowed in like the other zombies because it is simply too big. The cast were standing by the entrance and the Executioner does not appear at the entrance.


Chosen answer: Only Claire, Kim-Yong and Alice were left, and Alice and Claire were paying attention to Kim, who was very reluctant about going into the tunnel. The camera is just focused on what the characters are focused on, Kim-Yong.


Question: Why did the crew of the Arcadia abandon ship?

Answer: Wesker needed to consume fresh DNA to help control the T-virus. He was eating people who had been captured. This scared the crew enough to abandon ship.


Question: I've seen the movie several times now but I still don't know the answer to this: in the beginning of the movie, who kills the two Japanese snipers - zombies or some clones of Alice?

Answer: Based on the sounds to go with the scene, I'd say it is zombies taking the guards out. However, considering following events it is more likely that Alice and her friends have something to do with it.

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