Resident Evil: Afterlife

Corrected entry: In the scene where Alice is in the shower and hears something, the water of the shower stops flowing and starts to run again in an other angle. (00:45:25 - 00:46:25)

Correction: The water is flowing at all times, it is the camera angle changes.

Corrected entry: Physics error: When Chris, Crystal and Alice decide to swim down to the basement where all the weapons are, the water reaches up to the floor they're standing on. But then, when they swim down and reach said basement, there's plenty of air to breathe. This could only be possible if there was a pocket of air, trapped in the basement. However, they use an air vent to escape, which seems to be leading directly to the upper levels. If the proper physics would've applied, the air in the basement should've escaped through the air vent, making the water flood the lower sections. It's the same principle as blocking the top of a straw with your finger, submerging most of it in water (so you have a pocket of water in the straw), and remove your finger. The air will escape, and the water will take its place.

Correction: In the example of the straw, I meant pocket of AIR, not WATER :P.

Corrected entry: I understand that Claire could have just taken a swim to wash, but her clothes appeared out of nowhere.


Correction: Be more specific. Do you mean that the clothes she is wearing at the beginning of Afterlife are different to the ones she was wearing when she left in the helicopter towards the end of Extinction, or that her clothes change from Iceland to the prison? As of right now, this cannot be considered a mistake without a more detailed description.


Corrected entry: Alice travels to Alaska in search for "Arcadia" and finds a deserted Island and lots of deserted planes.She stumbles upon Claire with a Umbrella device attached to her chest.When she is first found, Claire's face is dirty and her hair are all messed up.But when they leave on the plane together Claire's face is clean again and it looks like she also washed her hair.It looks like she had the time to take a shower before they left.Where did she have the possibility and time to do that on a deserted Island?

Correction: They're surrounded by water. She probably just had a quick dip to clean up before they left.


Continuity mistake: Right after Bennett takes off in the plane, Claire throws a gun to Alice. Between the slow-motion shots, the gun switches position in mid-air before Alice catches it. In the shot of Claire throwing it, the barrel is facing to the right, meaning that it should be facing to the left in the shot of Alice catching it. But it still faces the right when she does. (00:58:30)

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Alice: Hey, boys. Is that any way to treat a lady?

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Trivia: Leon Kennedy, a popular character from the games, was originally intended to be in the film but was dropped. He later appeared in the fifth film.

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