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Corrected entry: The plot of the film is that Annie Wilkes is angry with Paul for killing Misery in his book. As this is unpublished she gets Paul to burn this. The rest of the film Paul writes about Misery's resurrection. This would not be the case as she was alive and well in his last published book.

Correction: This is an incorrect explanation of the plot. Misery is killed in the last published novel that Paul wrote, but that novel has not yet been released. Paul lets Annie read the manuscript for the novel he hopes will spark his "post-Misery" career, which Annie dislikes because of excessive profanity. Annie then buys the new Misery novel when it is released and discovers that at the end, Misery is killed. This causes Annie to become enraged and force Paul to write a new manuscript where Misery is "resurrected."


Corrected entry: When Annie returns after yelling at him for killing Misery, she finds Paul on the floor next to the bed wrapped in blankets. How did he wrap himself so tight?

Correction: He wasn't wrapped tight. The blankets were just covering him up.

Corrected entry: When Annie leaves Paul's room at one point, she doesn't lock the door. She walks out and walks away, yet when Paul decides to leave the room he has to unlock it with a bobby pin.


Correction: You can hear the distinct sound of the door being locked, thus the need to unlock it with the bobby pin.


Corrected entry: When Paul adventures throughout the house (and when Buster, the Sheriff, visits), the house looks very large as they travel within it (the large bedrooms, large upstairs, large dining room, etc.). However, when they show the outside of the house there is no possible way that all of those rooms and that space can fit into that tiny mountain home that they show the outside of.

Correction: This is just wrong. There's nothing wrong with the dimensions of the house, in fact in the wide shots, you can see the windows for each room. The outside is certainly big enough, unless you're looking at some of the other smaller buildings around the main house.


Correction: No it doesn't. It's always in the same position.

Corrected entry: Annie doesn't like that Paul "kills off" Misery in the end of his new manuscript, so she forces him to burn it and start all over again. But when he writes the new one, he picks up from where the destroyed manuscript ends, bringing her back to life by digging her grave up. She turns out to only have been in a deathlike coma from a bee-sting.

Correction: The manuscript she has him burn is for a novel called Fast Cars, the reason being she thinks it is a bad book, full of profanity and evil. The new Misery book in which she is killed off is in the process of being published and about to hit the stores - when Annie reads it she is more than distraught, and makes him "fix" it by writing the new Misery book - Misery's return.

Corrected entry: Annie tells Paul that she got the typewriter cheap because the M is missing. However he then writes "smudge" on a piece of paper and the m is in the word.

Correction: She tells him it is missing an "N". That is why in a later scene the word "and" is spelled "a d".

Corrected entry: When Paul is searching the house in the wheelchair and starts reading the scrapbook articles about Annie, they start to tell the story concerning the headline but if you freeze frame you can see the story just starts to repeat it self.

Correction: According to the rules of this site, if you have to use freeze-frame to see it, it's not a valid mistake.


Corrected entry: Annie's hearing must be extremely good and she must be extremely fast so that she can hear the sheriff's car so far away, grab the syringe and run to Sheldon's room before the car has reached the house.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: Well, she lives out in the middle of nowhere. Cars don't come by all that often, I'm sure. You tend to notice things like that when they rarely happen. Having lived in the country, I know this for a fact.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Annie Wilkes returns with the typewriter for Paul, she says that the letter 'N' is missing. However, the button is there during the writing montage.

Correction: The "N" key is there the whole time, but that's not what Annie is referring to. It's the "n" on the typebar that is missing (the part that strikes the paper). Thus whenever he hits the "N" key, the typewriter responds to a keystroke and moves one space, however since there's no "n" a space is seen (i.e. "a d" instead of "and").


Corrected entry: A shotgun does not tear a large hole right through the body of a man - like when Annies shoots the sheriff. Not even at close range.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: The wound doesn't go through his whole body; they only show the wound when he falls foward and when they do show it, it's on his back.

It does go through, blows a hole out of the front of his leather coat, then he falls forward, showing the entry wound on his back.

Audio problem: In the scene where James Caan is lying in bed, practising grabbing a large knife from his arm sling, there is the metallic sound as he pulls out the knife. In the sling are his arm and the knife. There is nothing metal the knife could be pulled against to make that sound.

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Annie Wilkes: Now the time has come. I put two bullets in my gun. One for me, and one for you. Oh darling, it will be so beautiful.

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Answer: Simple answer, she was a psychopathic killer. She was a nurse, and infants were accessible, helpless victims.

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