Misery (1990)

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At the end, Annie Wilkes forces her wounded victim, writer Paul Sheldon, to write another installment in the Misery franchise. While writing, Paul is planning to kill Annie, but the plan is discovered and Paul's ankles are smashed by a hammer by Annie. When Chief Buster, the town's policeman, arrives at the Wilkes Farm, Annie injects Paul with a sedative and throws him into the basement. But as Buster discovers Paul in the basement, he is blasted by Annie's shotgun; she plans to kill Paul and then commit suicide, but Paul urges her that he should finish the last chapter of his book before the time comes.

When Paul finishes the last page, in which the ending is written, he burns it and throws it to the ground. Annie gets panicked, trying to stop the flames with her hand as Paul bashes her hand with the typewriter. A bloody fight ensues between Annie and Paul. As Annie charges him from the back, Paul grabs a heavy statue and slams it on Annie's head, thus killing her. Eventually, except a small limp, Paul is healthy again. While sitting with his agent in a restaurant, he pictures Annie as a waitress with a knife, but this is nothing but a hallucination. Ironically, she tells him that she's his number one fan. He answers: "That's very nice of you".

Richard Bachmann

Audio problem: In the scene where James Caan is lying in bed, practising grabbing a large knife from his arm sling, there is the metallic sound as he pulls out the knife. In the sling are his arm and the knife. There is nothing metal the knife could be pulled against to make that sound.

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Annie Wilkes: God came to me last night and told me your purpose for being here. I am going to help you write a new book.
Paul Sheldon: You think I can just whip one out?
Annie Wilkes: Oh, but I don't think Paul, I know.

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Trivia: There was a scene filmed in which Annie Wilkes runs over a younger police officer with a lawnmower, but it was cut because the director thought audiences would laugh at it.

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Suggested correction: The incident that this question is referring to is in the book - it was never added in the movie. Annie kills the young cop with her lawnmower. It was left out of the movie because the director didn't want the audience to hate the actress Kathy Bates, also which is why he had her use a sledgehammer instead of cutting off his feet.

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Question: Did Stephen King do his usual cameo? If so, where?


Answer: Stephen King doesn't have a cameo in this movie.

I have been told it's a common misconception that Stephen King regularly does cameos.

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