Me, Myself & Irene

Character mistake: Shonte Jr. says he can't figure out of the atomic mass of a deuteron. He is supposedly a genius, but this is chemistry 101. Average people might not know how to calculate atomic mass, but a genius would not make a beginning level error like this.

Continuity mistake: While Hank is driving the red mustang and takes Charlie outside, the car the sun changes between shots.


Continuity mistake: At the restaurant when Charlie yells to the kid with the milkshake, the child drops it and makes a puddle besides their table. In a few shots later the amount of milk increases and moves away from the table.


Revealing mistake: Charlie tells Irene to jump from the moving train when he can't catch up to it. When Irene jumps, the train is standing still. It only appears to be moving because of clever camera manipulation. (00:58:00)

Continuity mistake: When Hank crashes into the barber shop with Dick's car, the angle of the cigarette in the geeser's hand changes from shot to shot. (00:21:20)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Charlie lets the woman jump the line his newspaper switches back and forth between his right hand and under his left arm. (00:18:55)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the three Baileygates brother's are in a field with tents etc, helping the police to track down their father, Lee Harvey is wearing a plain grey vest. In alternating shots the vest changes to one with black edging, and then back to plain grey again. (00:47:30 - 00:48:40)


Revealing mistake: When Hank crashes the car through the shop, look at the barber's chair. You can see it's a stunt double for the actor.

Visible crew/equipment: When Charlie talks to the little girl with the rope, the mike and two hands holding it are reflected in the helmet. (00:17:55)


Continuity mistake: When Dickie is in Hank's and Irene's train cabin, Irene hits him over the head and he lands on top of Hank. You can see his head is behind Hanks shoulder, but when Hank wakes up Dicky's head is next to Hanks. (01:25:45)

Continuity mistake: After Hank has conned Irene into sleeping with him, the morning after Irene finds the "Coke" machine smashed up. In a later scene the Coke machine is back in perfect condition.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie/Hank and Irene arrive at the train station in Rhode Island. Charlie and Hank are having a "fight", during this fight Hank unzips his pants to wiggle his "thing" at a group of ladies sitting on a bench. Immediately after that he falls to the ground and his pants are zipped. (01:28:40)

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Charlie is being chased through the train station and gets shot in the arm look out for a boy in the train station with a green top because immediately after he exits the station the boy is sitting on a bench outside. (01:29:45)

Irene: So I smoked a little pot in college. What, is that a crime?
FBI Agent: Yeah.


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Trivia: When Irene is looking out the window in the motel Charlie was staying, if you look at the room at the back wall, you'll notice a watermelon. This was from a previous uncut scene that wasn't deleted out.

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Question: How come I never saw how Charlie's thumb got retrieved from the water? Is this another deleted scene or part of some director's cut?


Chosen answer: If you watch until after the end credits, you see it get eaten by a fish.

J I Cohen

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