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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Hank comes crashing into the building with Dick's car, the driver's side headlight is intact. They show the people in the building, and when the shot returns to the car, the headlight is dangling from its socket. (00:21:00)

Audio problem: When Charlie and Irene are cruising on his motorcycle just after he leaves his meds in the motel room, you can hear the bike shift gears, but you do not see Charlie press the clutch or use the gear shift lever. (00:38:40)

Sol Parker

Visible crew/equipment: After the scene of Hank peeing in the guy's car there is a shot of multiple police cars driving past. At the beginning of this shot, the boom mic's reflection is visible on the road.

Continuity mistake: In the motel scene Charlie gets two cokes. When he returns we see Irene taking off her left shoe twice from different camera angles. (01:11:45)


Continuity mistake: When Boshane and Peterson meet Irene at the police station Peterson's tie is folded below the knot. When the interrogate her right after the fold is gone, but it's back when Peterson gets killed. (00:34:40)


Continuity mistake: After Charlie's thumb has been shot off he dives into the water to rescue Irene. When he reaches out for her with his left hand the thumb is back in place. (01:37:00)


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Irene and Charlie run after the train there are several discontinuities: 1) The warning cross disappears in the shot where the last car passes. 2) In this shot the last car looks much higher than when Irene jumps on. 3) The sun direction changes. (00:55:20)


Audio problem: This may be in the TV version due to language censoring, but in one of the helicopter scenes, you can tell that the sound of the helicopter is only a clip about a second long that is being played over and over.

Sol Parker

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Irene and Hank are driving along in Gerke's car and Irene is holding the dart in her hand there are some inconsistencies: 1) The right window is sometimes open, sometimes closed. 2) When she is threatening Hank with the dart her hair is sometimes hanging over the dart, sometimes not. 3) Her seatbelt is sometimes on top of her collar, sometimes under it. (00:48:55)


Revealing mistake: When Charlie gets shot inside the station a woman (accompanied by a man with a green hat) can't help laughing. (01:29:40)


Continuity mistake: At the health food restaurant Hank gets annoyed with a slurping kid. At this point his hands change between holding on to his chair to lying on the table. (00:57:00)


Continuity mistake: When Hank/Charlie fall into the car near the end his feet are inside the car. When the shot changes his feet are on the outside.

Continuity mistake: This happens a lot in the movie but specifically... When Charlie is shooting the cow, the wide shots with the bike are really sunny, but in the close ups (fingers in the nose) it is overcast or studio lighting. (00:31:25)

Plot hole: How on earth is it possible for the three of those babies to fit inside that woman, especially for the size they were when they came out? (00:07:10)

Sol Parker

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Suggested correction: Only one baby is shown actually coming out before the scene changes so the sizes of the other two are unknown. Also, the three kids were very thin as children and one of the kids became super obese an adult. They simply grew when older so the sizes of all the kids may not of actually played a factor at birth.

Character mistake: After Charlie and Irene leave the Rhode Island station for New York, the female officer refers to her boss as Captain, when he is a Colonel.

Continuity mistake: When Charlie compliments Irene on not giving a damn about her hair it gets tucked behind her left ear by itself. (00:54:30)


Continuity mistake: When Hank goes after the four baseball players the one whom he gets involved with is grabs a beer bottle. The camera cuts to Hank, then back to the four guys, and the beer bottle is gone although the man is leaning against the truck in exactly the same way as before. This happens before he may want to get his hands free to attack Hank. (00:44:50)


Continuity mistake: After Charlie tells Irene that he is schizophrenic they hold each other by the hands. When the camera is on him her arms are bent at the elbow, and when the camera is on her her arms are stretched out. (00:41:45)


Continuity mistake: During the outside motel scene, there is a maroon car parked outside. It changes between a Ford Escort and a Dodge Intrepid. (01:12:50 - 01:20:10)

Continuity mistake: When Charlie is taking Irene back to New York on his motorcycle they come across a supposed dead cow in the middle of the road, which by the way you could totally tell is fake. Charlie pulls out his gun and shoots the cow a few times then throws his gun off to his right way off the screen. Next screen shot the gun is right next to him. (00:31:20)

Hank Evans: Listen, Pocahontas, unless you put your ear to the ground, you'll never hear the buffalo comin'!
Irene P. Waters: Ok, look, I don't know what that means!

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Trivia: When Irene is looking out the window in the motel Charlie was staying, if you look at the room at the back wall, you'll notice a watermelon. This was from a previous uncut scene that wasn't deleted out.

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Question: What is the song that plays when Charlie first turns into Hank? (I think its in the scene in the grocery store).

Answer: "Fire Like This" by Hardknox.

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