Me, Myself & Irene

Correction: It's not bloody, it's just very red. Just jumped and nearly caught on the planks with his hands. That impact is enough to turn his hands red.


Corrected entry: When Charlie and Irene start their train ride the locomotive is not the same as when they reach their last stop. (01:32:30)


Correction: There's nothing to suggest that they were on the same exact train the entire time.


Corrected entry: When Irene falls into the river the hits a rock with the right of her head. When she emerges the wound is on the left side. (01:37:20)


Correction: Having just watched the scene in question, it's very clear that it is the left side of her face that hits the rock.


Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie when Charlie is walking through town, you can visibly see tire skid marks that look like they drive right into the barber shop. Charlie doesn't drive the car into the barber shop until later on in the movie.

Correction: What looks like tire skid marks driving into the barber shop are actually the shadows from the telephone wires, on the telephone poles overhead.

Corrected entry: When Charlie and Irene approach the cow on the street they act as it had already started decaying. However, the cow is still alive. (00:29:50)


Correction: They never do anything to indicate that the cow is decomposing, they just hold their noses and complain that it smells bad. This can have several different reasons, such that the cow is sick (which would also explain why it was lying in the middle of the road), or that it had been lying in something smelly.


Corrected entry: During the whole movie, Charlie's motorcycle has only one seat, but when he takes Irene for a ride, it suddenly has two. (00:27:50)

Sol Parker

Correction: There are two different motorcycles involved here, and neither of those are Charlie's personal one. They both belong to the Rhode Island Police. When Charlie is given the mission to escort Irene to Nw York, he is also temporarily issued a bike with a passenger seat, as this would be a necessesity.


Corrected entry: On his pursuit of Mickie and Irene on the decrepit bridge Charlie stops at a rather wide gap between the planks. If he can't pass it, how could Mickie with the struggling Irene in his arms? (01:34:25)


Correction: Charlie is afraid of water, and that's a big part of why he has difficulties crossing the gap. Mickie does not have any such problems, and in addition, he has a gun on Irene. He could have forced Irene to cross first, and followed her later, to regain his hold on her on the other side.


Corrected entry: At the end when they pull Irene over for suspecting she is in a stolen car, Irene says she rented the car. At the beginning, she was on her way to her sister's in her own car so she should have been driving her own car back home. (01:42:35)

Correction: Not necessarily. We don't know what happened to the car after Irene was arrested. It is possible some claim had been laid on it by the crooked federal agents and it was being held until the trial, or her sister had picked up her car from the police after Irene was arrested, or several other reasons.


Corrected entry: On a technical point, when Charlie gets his thumb shot off he could have kept the gun from firing. If it was a Beretta 9mm (did not get a good enough look at it to be sure) - it will not fire if you push back the slide. This will cause the slide to move far enough back that the firing pin will not make contact with the bullet.

Correction: It is not very likely that Charlie has that much experience with facing guns while he is unarmed, and it is also not something many people would remember in a stressed situation. Even if Charlie could have known about this, he did not remember or he did not chance doing it - character mistake or decision.


Corrected entry: When Charlie gets his thumb shot off you can slow it down and see it break into a million pieces but at the end when they try to find the thumb it is whole again.

Correction: If you have to use slo-mo to see it, it is not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: This isn't exactly a mistake in the film, but on the box cover, it says Charlie "runs out of medication", but in the film he doesn't, he just forgets about them and leaves them in the hotel room.

Correction: DVD artwork and text are not parts of the movie, so this is not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Charlie's wife is leaving with the midget, the midget makes a reference to "Free Willy". "Free Willy" came out in 1993, and in that scene the time frame should be around 1982 - 11 years before "Free Willy".

Correction: No, Charlie married Layla in 1982. It must have been at least nine months later that the boys were born (probably more - they're still at school in 2000). She didn't run off with her lover until some time after that (we next see the boys when they're nine). It could easily have been 1993.

Corrected entry: After crashing Dick's car into the barber shop Charlie tells him that he got a headlight out. Since he had just gotten out of the car and was still standing at the door he couldn't have seen the damage. (00:21:10)


Correction: He just crashed the car through the window, so there has to be damage (probably worse than a bulb out). Charlie is making a joke.

Corrected entry: When "Hank" is challenging the baseball player because he threw a cigarette away, the player reaches into the back of the pickup to get the tazer gun and pulls it out twice. (00:45:20)

Correction: Actually, if you start at 47:10 NTSC and step it one step at a time, you will see his arm went into the bed of the truck and remained there when the camera changed positions, his arm was still there and came out only once.

Louis Costanzo

Corrected entry: The diagnosis of Charlie's disorder is completely and totally incorrect. Throughout the entire movie, Charlie's diagnosis is called "schizophrenia" along with a number of other symptoms... Merriam-Webster defines schizophrenia as being, "a psychotic disorder characterized by loss of contact with the environment, by noticeable deterioration in the level of functioning in everyday life, and by disintegration of personality expressed as disorder of feeling, thought (as in hallucinations and delusions), and conduct - called also dementia praecox." The actual diagnosis of Charlie's mental illness should be "Dissociative Identity Disorder," or "DID," formerly called, "Multiple Personality Disorder," or "MPD." Schizophrenia and DID are not even vaguely related, so therefore, the doctor completely misdiagnosed him.

Correction: While no doubt technically accurate, most people believe that schizophrenia is when people have split personalities hence the reason we describe some people as schizophrenic when they have very different behaviours from one day to the next. The term may be inaccurate but it is the one in common use.


Corrected entry: I'm aware that this is one of the running gags the movie lives on, but the diction of Charlie's African-American stepsons is not compatible with the frequently stressed fact that they are top students brought up by a decent stepfather, who spend most of their time at home studying, watching TV, or eating (or combinations thereof). It almost seems that the moviemakers try to suggest that the compulsory use of motherf***er/f***ing (about 50% of their total text delivery) is the result of a genetic disposition.


Correction: The genetic make up is the fact that their real father is a member of MENSA. I think you missed the gag. If you watch the beginning of the movie when the boys are small they are bored with the programming that their dad is watching. They then asked if they could watch Richard Pryor on HBO. The gag is that the majority of their TV watching was HBO (possibly mostly the black foul mouthed comedians). So the suggestion would be that the foul language is from the way they were raised rather than genetic disposition.


Correction: All well and good, but not really trivia.

Corrected entry: In the movie Charlie's commanding officer has the rank of colonel. However, in non-military commands such as law enforcement and security companies the rank is reffered to as Commander instead of Colonel. I work for a security company and my commanding officer has the rank.

Correction: Like many American police forces, the Rhode Island State Police has Colonels. See

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: When Leala has her first kid the doctor pulls out the baby and says "It's a boy Oh Boy oy oy oy". When he turns and says "Oh Boy oy oy oy" his lips are not moving.


Correction: If you look closely they do move, enough to let out an "oy oy oy".


Corrected entry: When Charlie, Irene and Dicky are on the bridge, Whitey shoots Dicky in the back. Surely Charlie could have seen Whitey coming to the rescue from BEHIND Dicky?

Correction: Whitey is throwing from below the bridge and from the right. Charlie didn't necessarily see him.


Visible crew/equipment: When the police are leaving the motel, you can see a camera reflection in the S.W.A.T. van as it drives by. (01:18:10)

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Hank Evans: Listen, Pocahontas, unless you put your ear to the ground, you'll never hear the buffalo comin'!
Irene P. Waters: Ok, look, I don't know what that means!

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Trivia: At the end of the movie, Charlie walks by a patrol officer and calls him Seabass. Cam Neely, the actor of the patrol officer, also played Seabass in Dumb and Dumber. Both movies are set in Rhode Island.

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Question: What is the song that plays when Charlie first turns into Hank? (I think its in the scene in the grocery store).

Answer: "Fire Like This" by Hardknox.

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