Free Willy

Continuity mistake: When Jesse jumps into the pool to ride on Willy's back for the first time he is fully submerged. However, while riding the whale, his hair is dry.

Continuity mistake: When Jesse touches Willy for the first time, when the camera angle changes to behind Jesse, his hair is much curlier than before, and is no longer wet.

Continuity mistake: In the end sequence, where willy jumps the wave-breaker/jetty, in one shot Jesse is on the wave-breaker, in the next shot, where willy starts the jump, Jesse's gone. In the next shot Jesse's back.

Continuity mistake: The sky at the end changes several times from being cloudy to clear. Look at the reflection of it when Willy comes over to Jessie in the water. The next shot is cloudy. The jump scene is clear, and then it is sunny.


Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the film when Jessie is saying his last words to Willy, when the camera is looking at Willy in these shots you can see the entire boom mic and pole reflected in Willy's wet skin.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Willy is captured, the sky changes dozens of times. It goes from being overcast to sunny to cloudy.


Passerby: Nice whale.
Randolph: Thanks.

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Question: In reality, do orcas actually understand English? Willy seems to understand Jesse when Jesse teaches him tricks.

Answer: While sounds and words can be used to alert orcas and dolphins, they recognize the hand signals and movements as to what to do.


Answer: Dogs can learn words up to the level of a 3 yr old, and whales are smarter than dogs, so definitely.


Dogs don't learn words, they start to recognize the sound that comes with a certain word like "stay" or "fetch", it's got more to do with the intonation than the actual word. They don't know what the word actually means. They can't imitate it nor can they recognize it in a sentence.


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