Free Willy

Corrected entry: The Amusement Park you see in this movie is Oaks Amusement Park in Portland, Oregon. In reality this park does not have a Marine Life Amphitheater.


Correction: As long as they did not use the name of the park, which they did not, there is no mistake. That's just simply the location they chose for the filming of the movie.

Corrected entry: After saving Willy from his damaged tank, Jesse and all the others spend the rest of the night and into the next morning, driving Willy to a dock where they can release him. Since Willy's tank was near the ocean anyway, why did they decide to drive so far (and risk both police action and Willy's possible death) when it could have taken them five minutes to drive down to the shore and release the whale there and then?

Gavin Jackson

Correction: If you listen to the characters discussing Willy's release before they get him from the leaking tank they say "let's take the Old Forest Road, its the closest entrance and the least conspicuous" just because the ocean is close by it does not mean you can gain access to the water at every point! I imagine there would be limited places that you could back a truck and trailer carrying a whale into the water safely.

Corrected entry: When Jesse is trying to get Willy to jump over him and the barrier at the end of the movie, Jesse is perfectly still and Willy would have to jump over the barrier AND Jesse.


Correction: I don't see how this is a mistake; Willy DOES jump over the barrier and Jesse.


Corrected entry: It is quite obvious that Willy is a robot, because you can see where his side fins are attached, especially when Jessie is telling him to put his fin in the air.

Correction: Actually, in the first Free Willy movie, they used a real whale. What you see around the fins is some kind of skin rash, not metal.

Continuity mistake: When Jesse jumps into the pool to ride on Willy's back for the first time he is fully submerged. However, while riding the whale, his hair is dry.

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Randolph: Looks like your parents are still up.
Jessie: They're not my parents.

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