Me, Myself & Irene

Corrected entry: At one point in the movie, they say Charlie shot a prize cow in the head 6 times and that it is a miracle that it is still alive. If you are counting when he shoots the cow, there is 1 shot, then 2 more, then 6 more. That makes 9 shots to the cows head, not 6.

Correction: As you see when Charlie realises the cow is still alive after the first three shots he is firing carelessly. It is understandable that he missed three of the shots.


Corrected entry: When Hank goes shopping for the supplies, a bottle of booze and the dildo, Charlie shows it to Irene and then places it back in the trunk. In the next scene they are seen pushing the car over the cliff into the water with the supplies in the trunk. Later that night in the hotel room, Irene has the bottle of booze on the night stand and we see the dildo the next morning.

Correction: Actually, if you listen to the dialogue in the hotel room, Irene says: "look what I found in my bag" which just means that she got everything out of the trunk before they pushed the car over a cliff.


Corrected entry: When Charlie shoots the cow, he seems to use a revolver, yet we hear the shells hit the ground after each shot.

Correction: Charlie uses a Beretta 9mm automatic, not a revolver. The shell ejections are correct.


Continuity mistake: The blood comes flowing out of Charlie's hand before he gets his thumb shot off. (01:35:55)

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Irene: So I smoked a little pot in college. What, is that a crime?
FBI Agent: Yeah.

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Trivia: When Irene is looking out the window in the motel Charlie was staying, if you look at the room at the back wall, you'll notice a watermelon. This was from a previous uncut scene that wasn't deleted out.

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Question: What is the song played at the credits (the one that is also played when Charlie travels with Irene from Rhode Island), and who sings it?

Answer: It's called 'The world ain't slowing down' by Paul Ellis.

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