Me, Myself & Irene

Factual error: In the flashback scene in 1982 when Charlie and Layla are on the picnic blanket, they're drinking Budweisers out of late 1990's bottles that came in a late 1990's six-pack.


Factual error: The police are informed that Charlie and Irene are 100 miles away. As they board a police helicopter one of the cops tells them they can be there in 15 minutes tops. This means that the helicopter will be traveling at 400 mph. Police helicopters max out at about 130 mph.


Factual error: Much of this movie was filmed in the Burlington and Middlebury areas in Vermont. Therefore, there are a lot of inconsistencies with vehicle plates and identifying characteristics of things like particular state trooper uniforms/cars/etc. And yes, the abandoned bridge/railroad trestle/etc. is actually the pedestrian bridge over the Otter Creek in downtown Middlebury.

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Factual error: After Jim Carrey has his first "episode", the police car pulls up to the officer in charge, and it has blue lights on both sides. In Rhode Island, all police cars must have red lights only.


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Hank Evans: Listen, Pocahontas, unless you put your ear to the ground, you'll never hear the buffalo comin'!
Irene P. Waters: Ok, look, I don't know what that means!



When the police are leaving the motel, you can see a camera reflection in the S.W.A.T. van as it drives by.



At the end of the movie, Charlie walks by a patrol officer and calls him Seabass. Cam Neely, the actor of the patrol officer, also played Seabass in Dumb and Dumber. Both movies are set in Rhode Island.