Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

Continuity mistake: When the Planet Express ship bursts into the explosion ceremony Bender is wearing a Feministas mask. When the No.9 Man talks to the encyclopod he is no longer wearing it, it reappears when the encyclopod flies off and Zapp Brannigan tries to arrest them.



Continuity mistake: Fry, Leela and Amy's clothes change as soon as they get on the Planet Express ship at the end.


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Continuity mistake: When Leo, Fry, Leela and Amy look at Leo's golf ball in the golf course through the telescope, you can see there is one free telescope. When Leo walks off to put the golf ball in the hole, the free telescope is still there. When Leo leaves in his hover car, the free telescope is gone.


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Continuity mistake: When Leela covers Leo with a fence, Frida Waterfall is behind her. Moments later Frida is back at the Honeybun Hideout.


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Continuity mistake: When Professor Farnsworth says "Money talks" he holds up a dollar. In the next shot it is in Hermes' hand. Then in the next shot it is back in the Professor's hand.


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Continuity mistake: After Leo blows up the Eco-Feminists, one of them lands on Fry and he is knocked out. Then when Leela says the Muck Leech may not be cuddly, Fry is awake as if he regained conciousness. But then minutes later Fry is still knocked out.

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Philip J. Fry: Bite my shiny metal hat!



When Bender wins the poker tournament with five kings, Leo Wong holds up five fingers (on one hand). But all the characters in Futurama only have four fingers on each hand. (Confirmed on DVD commentary).



When Zapp Brannigan tells Leela to surrender by waving her shirt in the air, there is a shot of Leela pulling her shirt off whilst the camera pans up and we see a shot of her breasts for a few frames. Confirmed on the Audio Commentary. However neither of her breasts have nipples; possibly as a result of her being a mutant.