Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

Audio problem: At the end when they are flying towards the black hole and they all say "Go, go, go", the shot cuts to Fry and Leela. They continue to say "Go". But when they close there mouth, they continue saying "Go" even though they just closed there mouth.

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Audio problem: When everyone is saying "Go" whilst going into the black hole, Fry and Leela continue saying "Go" after they have closed their mouth.


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Audio problem: When Bender wins the Poker Tournament, Leo Wong says "Two kings and with three kings on the board, that give Bender five kings", his mouth doesn't match what he is saying at the end of the sentence.


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Philip J. Fry: Bite my shiny metal hat!



When Bender wins the poker tournament with five kings, Leo Wong holds up five fingers (on one hand). But all the characters in Futurama only have four fingers on each hand. (Confirmed on DVD commentary).



When Wong drains Flamingo Lake to water his golf course and the flamingos are sucked down the plughole, in amongst their startled squawks you can hear one yelling "SH*T!". Listen for it - it's very clear.