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Corrected entry: When Russell is on Carl's front porch, Russell calls him "Mr. Fredrickson," despite the fact that he never introduced himself.

Correction: Mr. Frederickson is very well known in the town, he's lived there all his life and is part of a major dispute with a corporation. It is not unreasonable to assume that Russell already knew of him prior to knocking on the door.

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Correction: Russell could have very easily asked the construction workers outside who lived in the house. They seemed to know who he was.

Corrected entry: During the thunderstorm scene, Russell slides down the hallway and the front door opens towards him. This shouldn't have been possible given that the house was tilting downwards.

Correction: The extremely powerful winds blowing all around the house pushed the door open.

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Corrected entry: During the scene where Carl and Russell start to walk the house towards Paradise Falls, Carl looks up to the house and says "Don't you worry, Ellie, we'll get our house over there." The next shot shows the picture of Ellie, and through the window you can see Carl and Russell towing the house from further away. You can hear Russell say, "This is fun already." which transitions into a different shot of them. In this shot, Carl and Russell are towing the house from almost directly underneath the house, instead of more out in front of it.


Correction: Think about the physics (while at the same time suspending our disbelief of a floating house): Carl and Russell are walking in front of the house, trailing the helium-lifted house behind, and even if they walk slower, the momentum of the floating house will carry it forward and the house will, from time to time, be directly overhead.

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Corrected entry: In the shot where young Carl smashes at the tree and starts to run again, his shadow is at his right. After he hears a sound from the nearby house, he turns to his right and listens to the sound. The shadow has moved its direction from front to back, which is not possible.


Correction: This has been addressed before. The shadows are intricate and they are all appropriate and correct. When he falls over the tree, his shadow is behind him, indicating the sun is in front of him. And when he turns right, toward the house, the shadows are now to his right, indicating the sun is still in the same position.

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Corrected entry: When the house first lands and slides to the canyon's edge, we are shown a sweeping vista of the entire ground all the way around to the falls. Clearly it's all flat rock the whole way, no trees or valleys, an easy walk. Yet somehow tall forests, hills and jungles come out of nowhere.

Correction: There are myriad canyons and valleys and the "vista" can certainly support the terrain the characters travel through.

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Corrected entry: Even with creative license, it's too much to accept that Carl could have got the house ready to fly within 12 hours. That's one balloon every two seconds including getting every string cut to a different length, somehow stuffing them all down the chimney, installing a steering system, and finishing all the other things he did before take off.

Correction: True, there's no way he could have done it himself. Nor could he have designed and constructed a support system to lift the entire house using the log holder in the fireplace or obtained thousands of balloons, dozens of helium tanks and the massive tarp to hold them in the middle of the night. He must have had many people helping him, perhaps Ellie's whole family and everyone he worked with at the zoo. They never show any of the set-up process, so it's impossible to say how may people helped him or how he accomplished it in so little time.

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As depressing as it may be, most of Ellie's family is probably dead. She dies as an old lady but from illness. We can assume that Carl and Ellie were the same age, so around their 60s or 70s, which means that her parents could possibly be alive. It's been a while since I watched it but she could have siblings, nieces or nephews. Other than that all dead.

Corrected entry: When Russel is hanging under the house and the airplanes a chasing him, a few tranquilizer darts hit the porch roof and stairs. The darts seem to disappear almost immediately in every following shot, but is most apparent after the house lands atop the zeppelin and a close-up shot confirms it.

Correction: Tranquilizer darts, by their very nature, are specifically calibrated to have a much less intense velocity than bullets so the fact that they do not imbed themselves within the wood on the house for more than a few seconds isn't a mistake.

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Corrected entry: When we first see Ellie in the old house, her eyes are blue. Not as dark blue as Carl's but still blue from all angles and light sources. Subsequently her eyes are deep green.

Correction: Eye colors can change between childhood and adulthood. My own eyes were blue as a child and now, 40 years later, are green.

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Corrected entry: When Carl and Russel are having dinner with Muntz on the blimp, it's dark outside and in fact Carl says it's been a wonderful evening. They escape from the blimp and it's dark out, not caused by trees blocking the sun because we've seen the house floating outside the blimp also in darkness. However during the escape a couple of minutes later it's midday with blue skies and sunshine. Muntz's dogs fall into the river. Then two minutes after that it's night time again and Muntz is using the blimp's searchlights to capture Kevin.

Correction: It's dark during dinner because they are in a cave! The lighting is appropriate throughout the several sequences - including that the sky is still lit with sunlight/twilight when Carl and Russell escape from the dogs and enter the thicket where Kevin lives and, then as full dark comes upon them, they tend to Kevin's injured leg and Muntz searches with a spotlight.

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Corrected entry: When Mr. Erikson steers the house, we see a small needle compass. Being the needle type, it should have East on the left and West on the right. Facing North and turning right will get you East, but the needle will turn to your left following where North is.

Correction: Mr Fredricksen's compass appears to be completely normal, with East to the right of North and West to the left.

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Corrected entry: During the storm, when Russell's backpack slides away and Russell follows it, it is headed away from the front door. When Russell catches his backpack, he is now sliding towards the front door.

Correction: During the storm, the house is violently rocking back and forth in many different directions. The backpack could have started to slide away from the front door, but by the time Russell caught up to it, it could have moved around enough to be headed back to the front door.

Corrected entry: In the beginning sequences of Up, young Carl is reading in bed up in the attic bedroom by flashlight after he had his accident. He's sitting up in bed with the flashlight pointed at the book. Yet his face and the pillow are lit up as if there's another light pointing toward his face from under the covers. And the light is so strong that it casts a bright glow out the window in the first exterior shot, but a later shot shows it's dark in the room next to the window. And how does young Ellie send a balloon up the side of the house and teach it to make a 90 degree turn into the bedroom window? Or if she's already up there, how did she know that it's Carl's window, and how did she climb up without making any noise, finding footholds where there are none shown? Finally, when she leaves, she jumps out the window and lands on something solid about 2 feet below the windowsill (her head is still visible). Realistically she would have fallen to her death from that height.

Correction: One submission at a time, please. The flashlight is bright enough to reflect light back onto Carl from the book. It is inferred that after they show the exterior of the house Ellie puts a ladder against it to climb to Carl's window, look inside to confirm he's there, push the balloon level into the room, then jump back onto the ladder when exiting.

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Corrected entry: Why use a hammer to smash all those large glass coin-jars? Carl's risking their skins and eyes from flying shards, and then further injuries while picking up the money that ends up full of sharp glass pieces. He should have just turned the jars upside down. Also, it's strange they expect to pay for major damage to the house (tree crushing the roof) using a few dollars in coins. They must have had insurance - so the glass smashing was just creative license.

Correction: 1. It's very difficult to get change out of a jar. Whenever you turn it over the mass of coins clogs the small opening. 2. There must have been significant frustration involved. Despite their sunny disposition Carl and Ellie must put off their dream trip everytime something goes wrong. 3. No way to tell if they had insurance and even if they did, they could have a huge deductable. 4. Yes, it's creative license. Perfectly acceptable.

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Corrected entry: In the scene were Carl and Ellie paint the mailbox it can be seen that Carl's hand spoils the paint with his hands paint making a mark on the mailbox to which Ellie reciprocates and make a mark of her hand. In the later scenes its found that mark made by Ellie is rotated clockwise.


Correction: That is incorrect; it's the one made by Carl (the upper print) that rotates and also moves upward. In the mailbox scene the painted fingertips overlap with Ellie's middle, ring and baby finger touching the 2nd joint from the tips of Carl's middle and ring fingers only. His print is at a 45 degree angle toward the rear bottom corner, hers is vertical. In later scenes, all the fingertips are matched up vertically and only just touching. Did you also notice that Carl's thumb had a lot of paint on it but he didn't leave a thumb print? Ellie grabs the box in the same way and and does leave her thumb print.

Corrected entry: In climates warm enough to support brightly colored animals, chocolate would melt in about 10 minutes. Russel's chocolate shows no sign of melting, even when it is in his pack.


Correction: Chocolate with a high cocoa content does not melt in tropical temperatures. That is why it used to be in military ration packs for the tropics. Anyway, Kevin is hardly a realistic specimen, and we don't really see any other denizens of the jungle, which could well be a moderate one.


Corrected entry: After Russel reads the page ripped from the library book (the one showing where Carl and Ellie were going to live), Carl grabs it and puts it into his coat pocket. Later, after the house settles down, Carl withdraws it from behind him. He wasn't wearing his coat at that time, so how did the paper jump between those two places? (00:25:35 - 01:09:45)


Correction: We didn't see Carl take off his coat. He made the transfer from coat pocket to back pocket at that time surely. If not, then it could have been done at any time between the two shots.

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Corrected entry: In the title scene where young Carl Fredricksen is running with his balloon in his hand and smashes at the tree, it's visible that the trees shadow is missing. Only young Carl has his shadow.


Correction: The shadow cannot be seen by us from the angle shown. Look at the other shadows just before this point -- they are at about a "1:00" angle and we see the tree stump from about "7:00" so it would be hidden behind the stump.

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Corrected entry: After the house starts floating and reaches a good height, Mr.Carl Fredricksen sits on his chair. At that time he places his walking stick to his left hand and in the next-to-next shot, you can hear Russell knocking from outside the house. When he (Russell) knocks the second time, Mr. Carl Fredricksen goes and opens the door: that time you can find the stick in his right hand. It is also noticed in the previous shot that when he peeps through the door's hole, the right hand is animated as if it has the walking stick in hand.


Correction: Carl needs to switch the walker to his right hand to open the left-hinged door. He has plenty of time to do this between rising from the chair and arriving at the door.

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Corrected entry: When they fall off the house and can't get back on it Russell isn't wearing a backpack. After they decide to walk the house to the falls, Russel has his backpack.

Correction: You can see Russell wearing his backpack while they are standing on the porch, waiting to reach the ground. After they are bumped off, Russell is not seen for several seconds, plenty enough time for his to take off his backpack before chasing down Carl.

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Corrected entry: When Carl and Russell first arrive on the plateau they both fall out of the house and barely save it from the edge of the cliff. When they make the decision to walk the house over to Paradise Falls, suddenly Carl has his walker, with no way to have gotten into the house, suspended dozens of feet in the air, to retrieve it.

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Correction: Carl is holding his walker when he and Russell are first bumped off the porch. He leaves it laying on the ground while he chases down the house and collects it later offscreen.

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Continuity mistake: When Russel is complaining, when he says "Zoology" his face is covered in dirt. When Carl tells him that he can do his business in the bushes, he is instantly clean. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOjhfcBNZW8.

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Carl: Russell, if you don't get up, the tigers will eat you.
Russell: There aren't any tigers in South America. Zoology.

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Trivia: When Carl's house begins to lift and the little girl looks out her window, the Luxo ball from Pixar's other films is seen in her room.

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Question: How old is Charles Muntz when Carl and Russell encounter him? When Carl was a kid, Charles appeared to be an old man. But, with the rest of the movie showing Carl at the age of 78, that would make Charles well over 100. How is he still alive?

Answer: According to writer/director Pete Docter, Carl was 9 and Muntz was 23, so if Carl is 78 in the rest of the film, that would make Muntz about 92.

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