Trivia: Jordan Nagai, who eventually got the part of Russell, showed up to an audition with his brother, who was actually the one auditioning. However, the director realized Nagai behaved and spoke non-stop like Russell and chose him for the part. A similar situation happened with the casting of Short Round for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, whereby Jonathan Ke Quan was cast when it was actually his brother auditioning for the part.

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Trivia: When Carl's house begins to lift and the little girl looks out her window, the Luxo ball from Pixar's other films is seen in her room.

Trivia: June 2009, 10-year-old Colby Curtin from Huntington Beach, California, was suffering from the final stages of terminal vascular cancer. Her dying wish was to live long enough to see "Up". Unfortunately, Colby was too sick to leave home and her family feared she would die without seeing the film. A family friend contacted Pixar, and a private screening was arranged for Colby. The company flew an employee with a DVD copy of "Up", along with some tie-in merchandise from the film. Colby couldn't see the screen because the pain kept her eyes closed, so her mother gave her a play-by-play of the film. Seven hours after viewing the film, Colby passed away.

Trivia: Nicknamed Pixar's lucky charm, John Ratzenberger is the only actor with parts in all of the studio's films. In Up, he voices the construction foreman who urges Carl to sell his home.

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Trivia: The Pizza Planet truck can be seen waiting at a stoplight when Carl's house first begins floating over the city.

Trivia: In the black-and-white movie at the beginning of the movie, the stage and theater Charles is on when he talks about Kevin is the same stage used in Presto, the Pixar short film played before Wall-E (2008).

Trivia: If Carl's house was approximately 1600 square feet, and the average house weighs between 60-100 pounds per square foot, it weighs 120,000 pounds. If the average helium balloon can carry .009 pounds (or 4.63 grams), it would take 12,658,392 balloons to lift his house off the ground. (20,622 balloons appear on the house when it first lifts off.)

Trivia: This was the first animated film to earn an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture since Beauty and the Beast in 1992.

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Trivia: When the group of dogs chasing Carl, Russell, Kevin, and Dug fall into the river, a Wilhelm scream is heard. (01:02:50)

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Trivia: The ambulance's license plate is 1934 - the year Disney began production on its first animated film, Snow White.


Trivia: The term 'A113' is the number of the courtroom, and can be found on the gold sign Carl sits next too while waiting to be called (Courtroom A113). A113 is a frequent Pixar in-joke based on one of the room numbers for the animation program at Cal Arts.

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Trivia: In the Pixar tradition of having characters from the next Pixar film. When the little girl looks out the window to watch Carl's house, you can see a purple bear in her room. This bear is one of the new toys in Toy Story 3.

Trivia: A scene in the airship of the dogs playing poker is a homage to the same named series of pictures painted by C.M. Coolidge.


Trivia: The plateau of the lost world Carl and Ellie want to visit is a replica of the plateau used in the 1925 Willis O'Brien stop motion animation movie "The Lost World."

Trivia: The "Hidden Mickey" is found on Dee, the little girl who watches the house float past her bedroom window. Check out her hair and head.


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Dug: My master made me this collar. He is a good and smart master and he made me this collar so that I can talk. Squirrel!.My master is good and smart.
Carl: It's not possible!
Dug: It is, because my master is smart.



When the house first becomes detaches from its foundation and becomes airborne, Russell is nowhere to be seen, although every angle of the house is shown, including underneath, the front porch and the back porch. He knocks on the door and tells Carl he chased a "snipe" under the porch - but he cannot be seen after liftoff and prior to knocking. The same thing happens near the end, when Dug claims to have hidden under the porch.