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Corrected entry: When the Feral kid catches the boomerang after throwing it at Wez, they use the shot of him throwing it, played in reverse.


Correction: No, they don't play it backwards, as it is obvious that the Kid's hand reaches up to catch the boomerang, and this is done in a completely different way from the throw: if what you said were true, the "throw" would have to precede the "run", which would be a very odd way of throwing a boomerang. It is clear that the "catch" is simply sped up to give the action more impact.

Corrected entry: When the Gyro Captain is threatening Max with his crossbow, look at where his left hand is placed. If he actually fired the crossbow, it might very well break a few of his fingers.


Correction: Quite possibly, yes, but the Gyro Captain has never struck me as an overly smart or capable guy, so one could simply take this as in-character behaviour rather than a mistake. It's not like it creates a situation that Max could take advantage of - if the Gyro Captain looses that bolt, it's still in Max's brain, broken fingers or not.

Corrected entry: The "Dinki-Di" brand of dog food was just created for the movie, it was never a real brand. The phrase "Dinki-Di" is actually australian slang for something that's genuine.


Correction: Dinki-Di was in fact a brand of dog food available in Australia in the late 70's.

Corrected entry: Near the end, the little boy and Mad Max crash in the diesel truck driving the opposite direction from the escaping convoy to act as a decoy. Humungous and his crew were chasing them and the gyro captain was shot down and crashed his gyro during the chase, but somehow the little boy and the gyro captain made it back to the convoy past Humungous's gang before sunset without a vehicle as the ending shows with the boy in the back of the van and the gyro captain driving it.

Correction: after the crash the leader of the people Max was helping shows up in his vehicle at the crash scene and Humungous' gang sows up as well. They all see that the truck was full of dirt so the have no reason to stick around and Ragallo takes the ferral kid back to the convoy, the gryo captain could have crashed very near the convoy, so no plot hole.

Corrected entry: When Max and the gyro captain come back to the gyrocopter after Max leaves the compound, Max puts a bullet he finds into his shotgun. During the ensuing conversation Max threatens the gyro cap. He atempts to holster the gun, but misses horribly, and while the gyro captain is flapping about "aerodynamics", Max ad libs "shut up, shut up" and points the gun that was supposed to holstered.

Correction: How do you know Mel Gibson wasnt supposed to do this? Even if it was just an ad-lib, it's still not really a mistake, as it's covered up quite nicely and adds a little flavor to the scene.


Corrected entry: When Wez pulls the arrow out oh his arm, he puts it back in the quiver. However when he puts it back in it has no blood on it, and no arrow head as well.


Correction: If you look closely at the arrow there is indeed blood smeared on the arrow shaft, and as far as the "head" there is no removeable head for the arrow but it is sharpened to a point.

Corrected entry: The introduction states that Max's wife and child were killed by Toecutter's gang. His wife was crippled, but she survived the attack.


Correction: While the wife was not killed on the highway, the scene at the hospital indicates that the injuries she suffered were so severe that she would not have lived for long.

Corrected entry: When Max sends the feral kid out on the hood to retrieve the shotgun shells, Wez springs up and grabs his hand: however, prior to this, we see an aerial view of the truck making a u-turn, and Wez is nowhere in sight.

Correction: Wez cannot be seen cause he is under the truck at the time. This is why he has blood all over his face when he springs up.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: In the beginning narration, the narrators says "...and it was in this wasteland that he learned to live again" (Max). However, by the end of the movie, it seems to be a pretty strong message that Max hasn't changed at all, and is no better than the rouges that he was fighting.


Correction: The narrator meant learned to live again as a fighter just like in the first film, not as a human. Max may never regain his soul but his fighting skills are pretty strong here.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: Starting with the wounded Papagello, he remarks, "Just get them organised. We're moving out tonight." It's obvious this happens around dusk (let's say, 6:00pm). Now, this opens a bunch of plot problems: (A) the mechanics get 12 hours to complete their repairs. This makes moving out no earlier than 6:00am. (B) Max juices up and drives out at dawn; it took him all night to leave? Seems he couldn't wait to leave. (C) Max gets chased, crashes, gets rescued, then offers to drive the truck while it's still daylight. The "refinery squatters" don't leave until the NEXT morning. So, instead of "leaving tonight", they end up leaving much later than Papagello's original order. Summary - Papagello never corrects his original estimation. (00:54:11)

Correction: This is all true...but not really a mistake. As anyone knows when you get a bunch of people together and make some kind of plan, it will 99% of the time never go as planned. Papagello was probably just trying to be hard on them, and get them into motion, knowing full well it wouldnt take them that short of a time (pretty standard practice from officers or foremen or anyone in a position of leadership). I mean...say they're not ready to leave on schedule, what's he going to do? Just fly out the doors into combat against raving raiders unprepared, and with his main decoy not in working order?


Corrected entry: What's the matter with Papagallo in the end? Just before Humongous closes in for kill right behind him, he shouts to Feral Kid (who's still of course in the tanker's cabin with Max): "Come on, kid. It's all over." and so on, though all around him there are still numerous marauders alive and well, let alone the Big Boss, Humongous, his killer.


Correction: He understood the tanker was a decoy. He may have decided that enough time had elapsed for the rest of the compound to make their escape. He could have been getting ready to break away from the tanker and wanted to take the kid with him.

Corrected entry: When Max gets out of the Interceptor at the end of the opening chase and runs back to the truck, look at his belt - he has a small axe attached to it, directly in the middle with the handle hanging straight down, which would make it impossible for him to sit in the car.

Correction: True, but how do you know he didn't put it there just after his boots are shown hitting the road?

Movie Nut

Correction: Continuous scene of his boots hitting the ground and running back at no point does he stop to put it there.

Corrected entry: During the final chase scene, the tanker that Max is driving has its driver's door pulled off. As the camera pans to the side you can clearly see the crew member - most likely the stunt co-ordinator - crouched down by the passenger seat.

Correction: When the door is torn off, the camera pans to the left so that the semi leaves the shot at right. At no point during the shot is any portion of any person other than Max visible in the semi's cab, even when checking frame-by-frame.


Continuity mistake: When the rear window of the semi is smashed, you can see in the very next shot that the chain of Wez's ball mace is already hanging from the ceiling to Max's right, long before Wez even starts swinging it and leaves it hanging there after he is killed.


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Max: I got all I need here.
Papagallo: You don't have a future. I could offer you that.

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Trivia: You might have to look close, but the Gyro Captain's copter is completely covered with pornographic pictures. It took many viewings for me to notice this. Apparently he's very sexually motivated, as later in the movie he complains that the only thing he really misses from the old world is lingerie, and the only reason he joins the escapees in the end is because he wants to be with the cute blond girl.


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Question: It appears that the boomerang would have had to spin in the opposite direction to kill the blonde guy the way it did. Am I looking at this the right way or is my limited knowledge of aerodynamics totally backwards?

Movie Nut

Chosen answer: The filmmakers obviously didn't research the intricate logistics of aerodynamics of how a boomerang is thrown. It simply looked cool leaving the kid's hand and killing the blonde guy the way it did.


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