Transporter 3

Plot hole: In the large chase scene, Frank hits the shoulder at 140kph (~85mph) but the car doesn't shake, slide, or act in any way like it should. Later, when he's moving around 220kph (~135mph), he somehow manages to end up on two wheels. To top it all of when he ends up between the semis he appears to be moving just barely faster than them which would mean he had to slow down somewhere. When his wheels make contact with the one semi the car doesn't jump or skip as expected because it's not moving very fast compared to the semi. I know this scene is for effect, but they could at least attempt to make it somewhat based on real physics.


Plot hole: Trained ambulance personnel would have checked the whole car for other passengers. If she was discovered and brought along as well then the bad guys' plan would have failed.

Plot hole: When Frank's car goes into the gorge and goes under water, the battery of the car would have shorted out stopping the transmitter and triggering the bomb. We knew from an earlier scene the transmitter was wired to the car.

Plot hole: The main baddie is determined that no-one knows his name and is big on anonymity. Yet just after the foreign minister reveals in a phone call that he knows his name, he tries to call Frank and his name appears in the caller ID. So this big baddie who remains anonymous so no-one knows who he is gave Frank a phone with his name programmed in?

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