Transporter 3

Continuity mistake: At the end of the scene where Frank chases the car on a bike, he jumps into the car through the driver's window. You can see broken glass flying, but in the very next shot the driver's window is intact again.

Continuity mistake: After Frank jumps through the car window and breaks it, pushing the driver out, there is glass all over the stick shift; in the next quick shot, the glass is no longer all over the stick shift, as Frank shifts it. (00:45:35)


Continuity mistake: In the scene at the gas station, Frank Martin grabs Valentina's arm to remind her of the bracelet and to not go too far. When he does, one shot shows him grabbing below the bracelet, the next shot shows him holding her above the bracelet, then the next shot below it again.

Factual error: In order to detach wagons from the train you have to do more than simply taking off an unsecured lid in the ground and ripping out some cables.


Continuity mistake: In the kissing scene at the cliff, Frank and Valentina seem quite close to the edge of the cliff in the final high/wide shot. However, in the close-up/dialogue shots leading up to that, considerably more ground can be seen behind Valentina's back.

Continuity mistake: In the opening birdseye shot of Frank waking up on the gurney, the explosive bracelet that sets the plot in motion is missing, but after a quick zoom, it appears on his wrist.

Continuity mistake: When Frank is chasing his car on the BMX bike the number and arrangement of pegs on the bike changes with each shot.

Continuity mistake: At the landscape, where Frank should do the striptease to get his keys back, you can see, that the distance of the phone book on the ground and the Audi both change several times, from shot to shot.

Other mistake: During the shoot out on the train, Frank takes cover behind the seats. Needless to say, those seats would never offer any protection against a hail of bullets.


Visible crew/equipment: After the Audi that was chasing Frank goes in to the gorge, Frank rolls down his window to look down at the wreckage; as Frank is doing that, look in to the chrome of the outside mirror - you can see the reflection of the camera. (01:00:20)


Continuity mistake: Just before the two-wheel stunt between the trucks, the ramp to take him up on two wheels is visible.

Continuity mistake: In the two-wheel stunt between the trucks, in all closer views you can see Valentina's face right behind Frank's face. In one short scene just when the car falls back on all four wheels, in the wider view she disappears, and you can only see Frank. (00:57:05)


Continuity mistake: Just after Frank rams some bad guys off a cliff with his car he lowers the driver side window. The window was shattered earlier.

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Suggested correction: There is even a scene, where glass was replaced in a garage, from where Frank calls Tarconi. Two guys carry the glass in front of the Valentina.

Other mistake: Near the end when the bad guy blows up in the train, the fireball created by the exploding bracelet would be much more suitable to several kilos of high explosive or a fuel explosion. It could never have been created by the amount of explosives stored in a bracelet (see as well Mythbusters, the James Bond episode with the exploding pen).


Plot hole: In the large chase scene, Frank hits the shoulder at 140kph (~85mph) but the car doesn't shake, slide, or act in any way like it should. Later, when he's moving around 220kph (~135mph), he somehow manages to end up on two wheels. To top it all of when he ends up between the semis he appears to be moving just barely faster than them which would mean he had to slow down somewhere. When his wheels make contact with the one semi the car doesn't jump or skip as expected because it's not moving very fast compared to the semi. I know this scene is for effect, but they could at least attempt to make it somewhat based on real physics.


Factual error: When Frank's Audi plunges into the deep body of water underneath the bridge, he succeeds in using the air from the tires to fill some empty bags in the trunk with air in order to send the car back up to the surface. In reality, the air in the tires would not be enough to keep it afloat, no matter where it's stored. The air in the tires will expand by a factor of something like 33, but that's still not a large enough volume of air to refloat the car.

Other mistake: Franks Audi smashes through the steel barrier on the bridge. Whilst we can accept the bodywork is toughened up and is bulletproof, its a plastic front bumper, plastic grille, glass/plastic headlights, yet there isn't even a scratch on either of these items after the car is seen driving after its pulled from the river after smashing through said STEEL barrier. The barrier would be particularly strengthened to attempt to prevent such a maneuver that Frank performed.


Other mistake: When Frank's car lands on the moving train, it leaves no dents on the roof of the wagon at all.


Continuity mistake: After Frank gasses up the car and starts to drive away with the Mercedes chasing him the gas gauge is only just above the red mark of a quarter tank. (00:54:53)


Frank Martin: Do I look like a man who came half-way across Europe to die on a bridge?

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Trivia: Before being cast as Valentina, Natalya Rudakova was formerly a hairdresser with no previous acting experience.

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Chosen answer: The film credits Hamilton Watches. Since Jason Statham uses a Officine Panerai Watch, I think, the villain uses a Hamilton. It's a nice watch, but I can't find that model on Hamilton's web site.

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