Transporter 3

Factual error: In order to detach wagons from the train you have to do more than simply taking off an unsecured lid in the ground and ripping out some cables.


Factual error: When Frank's Audi plunges into the deep body of water underneath the bridge, he succeeds in using the air from the tires to fill some empty bags in the trunk with air in order to send the car back up to the surface. In reality, the air in the tires would not be enough to keep it afloat, no matter where it's stored. The air in the tires will expand by a factor of something like 33, but that's still not a large enough volume of air to refloat the car.

Continuity mistake: After Frank jumps through the car window and breaks it, pushing the driver out, there is glass all over the stick shift; in the next quick shot, the glass is no longer all over the stick shift, as Frank shifts it. (00:45:35)

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Frank Martin: Do I look like a man who came half-way across Europe to die on a bridge?

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Trivia: While trying to locate Frank via gps, the techie is told to "hack into military satellites" to find him. There is a quick shot of a computer screen with code, and then it looks back at their faces. When paused on the code, you see the words "Command BitTorrent", which is a reference to BitTorrent, a program commonly used to download movies illegally off of the internet. Kind of ironic. (01:11:30)

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Question: How does Frank get into the hands of the bad guys after Malcolm crashes into his house? It seems as if one minute the ambulance blows up, the next he is on a gurney.

Answer: Just before the scene ends, somone in black taps him on the shoulder and knocks him out. We can presume that the person in black is one of the bad guys.

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