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Corrected entry: The gas station Franks drives to while in Romania (before the guys in the Mercedes appear) looks like a very old Russian gas station from the 60s. There are no more gas stations like this in operation in Central Europe.

Correction: Apparently there's one at least, since they were able to film that scene. Unless you're suggesting they built and stocked an entire, outdated gas station when they could have simply used any gas station already on the road.

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Corrected entry: In the underwater car scene, bags in the trunk of the car are used as flotation devices with the air from the tires. That same air was already there and therefore would not make the car float.

Correction: This has been submitted and corrected so many times. The air takes up more space when it is in the bags than when it is in the tires, therefore displacing more water and thus allowing the car to float. It's not how much air you have that gives you buoyancy, but how much space it takes up.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Frank is at the cliff with Natalia, Johnson is trying to locate him via GPS and can't. But right afterward, he calls Frank's cell. He should have been able to just track the cell phone.

Correction: Not all cell phones are GPS enabled, and triangulating the signal would give a general area, but not precise location.


Corrected entry: When Valentine sits in the car while Frank beats the bad guys up, you can see that she could easily take the bracelet off her hand if she wanted to. (00:38:00)

Correction: It appears so at certain times throughout the movie, but a closer look shows that the bracelet is thicker in some parts than in others. She cannot get it over her hand.

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Corrected entry: When Malcolm, the first transporter, crashes into Frank's house with his Audi S8, there are no airbags opened to be seen in the following scenes. I would think that from a crash like that at least the driver's airbag would set off.

Correction: Maybe, maybe not. I've seen severe accidents where the airbags did not deploy. I've also seen minor incidents where the airbags deployed for no apparent reason. Also, a professional Transporter would likely have disabled or removed the airbags to avoid the impairment of accidental deployment considering the types of things they do in their cars.

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Corrected entry: The Audi S8 Frank drives is equipped with keyless start. There would be no need for the keys in the ignition, leaving nothing for Valentine to pull out.


Correction: It has a keyless start, yes, but that does not mean Frank uses it every time. We see Frank use the keyless start one time only. The car stops and starts many times after that before Valentine takes the keys.

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Corrected entry: In the water scene, he uses air from the tire to float the car. If there was enough air in the tire to float the car, it would float all the time. There simply isn't enough air in the tires to float a car.

Correction: The air in the tires is a high volume kept at high pressure. When the air is moved into the bags, it expands as a gas should. It may be a bit of a stretch, but the theory isn't impossible.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the first transporter crashes through a wall, the girl sleeps through the car crashing through a wall at high speeds. Then neither of them could warn him of the exploding bracelet in time.

Correction: It's not exactly clear what the mistake is. But to clarify, the car went through the wall and both the driver and passenger were too dazed to communicate. Frank wasn't aware of the bomb situation, and the only thing that crossed his mind was getting Malcolm to a hospital.


Corrected entry: All Audi's are either front wheel drive or all wheel drive (as is the case with Frank's car). It is therefore, impossible to spin the rear wheels as Frank did to achieve the leap from the bridge.

Correction: It is possible to spin rear wheels on an all wheel drive car. I have an all wheel drive car which has 55% rear bias, and 45% front drive. Frank's car has more horsepower than mine, so shouldn't have a problem spinning the rear wheels.

Corrected entry: When a car's engine is submerged, it is 100% going to be ruined. Not to mention that high end cars like Audi have electronic controls which get fried after a dip like the one in the movie. But magically, our hero seems to fix his car in a matter of hours.

Correction: Frank is a professional Transporter. It is absolutely ridiculous to assume he does not carry with him a means to repair the source of his livelihood. He carries a spare suit, I should think he's got a few spare parts in his trunk as well. His car is also highly customized. Cars can be made to run underwater, his would at the very least be waterproofed. Even ignoring those facts, he could have easily, with the aid of his inspector friend, acquired what he needed to get his car running in the matter of hours prescribed in the submission.

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Corrected entry: In the water scene he uses the tire air to breathe using his finger to release the air. There is no way he could do this without taking in water also. After he's out of the water, he never airs them back up, but drives away. Also he made a call underwater, which is impossible. On the phone, the guy says he is 10 minutes away and when the guy arrives, he is getting out of the water. How did he get the attention of the guy that rescued him? He was stuck at the car. Did the guy swim out with a rope?

Correction: First off, multiple mistakes in one submission. He may have taken in water while taking air from the tires. Frank may have had the tires re-inflated during the time in between, while Frank and Tarconi's men were fixing the car altogether. The underwater phone call was made while there was still air in the car, and is plausible, as is a phone call taking place while in a tunnel. As far as being rescued, the rope theory may have occurred, we just didn't see it.

Continuity mistake: After Frank jumps through the car window and breaks it, pushing the driver out, there is glass all over the stick shift; in the next quick shot, the glass is no longer all over the stick shift, as Frank shifts it. (00:45:35)

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Valentina: Am I not sexy?
Frank Martin: ... Yeah, you're sexy.
Valentina: You're the gay!
Frank Martin: No! I am not "the gay."

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Trivia: Before being cast as Valentina, Natalya Rudakova was formerly a hairdresser with no previous acting experience.

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Question: Why didn't Frank call his police friend to have him have bomb defusal experts ready for him and the woman at a location to get the bracelets off?

Answer: Deactivating a complex bomb like that would have taken time, which Frank did not have and he was being monitored by high tech hardware.

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