Transporter 3

Other mistake: During the shoot out on the train, Frank takes cover behind the seats. Needless to say, those seats would never offer any protection against a hail of bullets.


Other mistake: Near the end when the bad guy blows up in the train:The fireball created by the exploding bracelet would be much more suitable to several kilos of high explosive or a fuel explosion. I could NEVER been created by the amount of explosives stored in a bracelet (see as well Mythbusters, the James Bond episode with the exploding pen).


Other mistake: Franks Audi smashes through the steel barrier on the bridge. Whilst we can accept the bodywork is toughened up and is bulletproof, its a plastic front bumper, plastic grille, glass/plastic headlights, yet there isn't even a scratch on either of these items after the car is seen driving after its pulled from the river after smashing through said STEEL barrier. The barrier would be particularly strengthened to attempt to prevent such a maneuver that Frank performed.


Other mistake: When Frank's car lands on the moving train, it leaves no dents on the roof of the wagon at all.


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Frank Martin: Let me guess. You're the smart one.
Enormous thug: No. I am the big one.



At the end of the scene where Frank chases the car on a bike, he jumps into the car through the driver's window. You can see broken glass flying, but in the very next shot the driver's window is intact again.



While trying to locate Frank via gps, the techie is told to "hack into military satellites" to find him. There is a quick shot of a computer screen with code, and then it looks back at their faces. When paused on the code, you see the words "Command BitTorrent", which is a reference to BitTorrent, a program commonly used to download movies illegally off of the internet. Kind of ironic.