Little Nicky
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Whitey the Referee: Get that crap outta here.

Christa: God's so smart.
Jenna: Yeah, like Jeopardy smart.

Nicky: Get in the flask.
Popeye's Cashier: What're you talkin' about, man?
Nicky: I'm talkin' about an 8-piece, let's go.

Jenna: That guy is still the biggest horndog.

Nicky: That's not me! That's that cockroach Tony Montana.
Mr. Beefy: He superimposed your head into Scarface.
Todd: Which is probably DePalma's third best film.

Jimmy the Demon: You were gone ten seconds, what happened?
Nicky: I got hit by this big light that was attached to a lot of metal.
Satan: That's a train, son, don't stand in front of them.
Nicky: Well, I'll have to take a mulligan on this one.

Whitey the Referee: Guess what, cornrows? Technical foul! You're out of here.

Chubbs: You mambo?
Nicky: No, I don't think so.
Chubbs: It's all in the hips, it's all in the hips, it's all in the hips.

Mr. Beefy: You love acting, I love pissing.

Nicky: Yo, fossil-head! I got a bone to pick with you.

Adrian: Grandpa Lucifer always said it was better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven. Well, I'm tired of serving in Hell.

Continuity mistake: When the devil is falling apart and his 2nd ear falls off, he tells Nicky he cannot hear him, and asks the demon by his side who catches it to put it back on his head. But towards the end, when the devil is reduced to no more than a mouth and 2 arms, he is able to have a conversation with his demons about what's going on and hear them perfectly. (00:52:05 - 00:58:50)

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Trivia: In the scene where Nicky goes to heaven and meets his mother, a man walks in and she introduces the man as Chubbs. Chubbs was Adam Sandler's golf instructor in Happy Gilmore.

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