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Corrected entry: In the scene where Nicky hears that the blind man says something bad about him and his girl and makes the fire hydrant burst, the blind man suddenly turns his head as though he could see that the fire hydrant will burst in a few seconds. How could he predict that even though he is blind?

Correction: The blind man could probably hear the water in the hydrant.

Corrected entry: Nicky tells his brother that when he left, their dad got sick, but his brother said "I'm glad he's dying" but he did not yet know that his father was dying.

Sol Parker

Correction: Since their father is the Devil and pretty much Immortal, we can assume that anything that will make him sick is fully capable of killing him and his son probably knew that.

troy fox

Corrected entry: In the video clip in which Nicky's head is superimposed on Tony Montana's body which shoots everyone, he says that his name is Nicky. But in the news broadcast, the newsreader says that they don't know his name.

Correction: The video clip is played on tv long after the original newscast, after the mob chases Nicky. It is possible that the station hadn't recieved the video at that time, only a false report from Nicky's brother, and therefore they hadn't learned his name.

Corrected entry: This is during the Globetrotters scene. Nicky and Cassius are going one on one. When the camera is facing Cassius, he's holding a basketball, the camera turns to Nicky and back to Cassius, then he's not holding a basketball. This happens twice in a row. As the camera faces Cassius the second time, he's holding the ball, but when they start playing each other, Cassius' ball disappears. (00:37:40)

Correction: When we see Cassius it seems like the ball is gone but he is holding the ball by the hips with his left hand, outside camera angle. It's easy to see cause he hold both his hands down and when it cuts you see him turning around with the ball in his left hand. And the reason the ball disappears from Cassius when they start playing is because he threw it to Nicky.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Nicky and Valerie are flying they encounter the blind man. The blind man says something about them and somehow Nicky and Valerie hear him resulting in Nicky making the fire hydrant burst making the blind man fly through the window close to him. Nicky and Valerie were pretty high up so how could they have heard the blind man when the blind man wasn't yelling?

Correction: Nicky is the Spawn of Satan he is able to do those things.

Corrected entry: When Adrian and Cassius leave hell, the gates freeze and their father starts dying. Yet when Little Nicky goes to live on Earth, everything is perfectly fine.

Correction: It has to do with the fact that Nicky is half Devil and half Angel (his two brothers were not).

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: When Nicky and his roommate are first watching the Globe Trotters game on TV, the cable box on top of the TV is off.

Correction: It doesn't have to be on for the TV to work off an antenna.

Corrected entry: At the subway station, when Adrian and Nicky are fighting, the dog (Beefy) arrives and shoots an arrow that hits Adrian's leg, but when Adrian and Nicky fall into the train the arrow in his leg is missing.

Correction: You can see the arrow has only a very very shallow penetration. Also, right before they fall in, you can see Adrian reaching down to his leg where he was hit with one hand. You can't see what he's doing, so he's probably knocking it out.

Corrected entry: If Nicky only has to get Cassius and Adrian into the flask, which is supposedly inescapable, then how do Adrian and Nicky have a fight in the flask and then both escape from it? And for that matter, if they can escape, why can't Cassius, since he's much stronger than both of them?

Correction: When the devil gives the flask to Nicky he tells him that if they drink from it they will be trapped inside forever, however, Adrian did not drink from the flask, he was pulled in by Nicky. Therefore,the flask did not have the power to contain him and he could escape. Nicky did drink from the flask, but he had the inner light and used it to escape because it is more powerful than any enchantment from hell. Cassius couldn't escape because he did drink from the flask.

Continuity mistake: In the movie someone says "listen to this" as he holds up a Chicago album. The song playing is "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It is?" That song is from the Chicago Transit Authority album. The album the actor holds up is Chicago V. (00:40:10)

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Nicky: How can I win? Adrian is stronger and smarter than me.
Holly: Stronger? Yes. Smarter? Definitely. But, you have something that he doesn't have.
Nicky: A speech impediment?

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Trivia: When Nicky stops to smell the flowers, you can see the restaurant from the TV show "Seinfeld" in the background.

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Question: When Nicky is climbing up the fire escape to see Valerie he passes a window and inside there is a man dripping wax on his body. What is the tune playing in the background?

Answer: "Two Of Hearts" Stacey Q.

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