Little Nicky

Little Nicky ( Adam Sandler) is the qorky son of the devil(Harvey Keitel), and is always being picked on by his two brothers in hell. The devil was deciding to retire, like his father Lucifier (Rodney Dangerfield), but at the meeting between his sons, he decides to stay on as the devil and not retire. The two sons are pissed off, since neither one will be the head devil now, so they decide to go through the wall of incoming souls and go back to earth. After they do, the devil literally starts to fall to pieces! So, he sends Little Nicky(Sandler) up to earth, so he can put his brothers into a flask that he gives him, and bring them all back to hell together. So, Nicky goes up to earth, immediately gets killed and comes back to hell. So, his father sends him up again. This time, Nicky meets a talking bull dog, who tells him that he's there to help him. He had some money for Nicky, but spent it on dancers. So, Nicky gets an appartment, and tries to find his brothers. In the mean time, his brothers posses the local mayor and a local priest, so they can bring hell up to earth and rule! Nicky also meets a young lady, played by Patricia Arquette(The Mediam), and they fall in love. He also befriends two stoners, who also help him out. He then meets his mother, who happens to be an angel (Reese Witherspoon), who tells Nicky that her and his dad had an affair at a Hell/Heaven mixer. After which, Nicky goes to the park, and ends up doing battle with his brothers for the fate of the world, with a little help from Ozzie Osborn.

Continuity mistake: In the movie someone says "listen to this" as he holds up a Chicago album. The song playing is "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It is?" That song is from the Chicago Transit Authority album. The album the actor holds up is Chicago V. (00:40:10)

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Adrian: At the stroke of midnight, my father will be completely deteriorated, and all your souls will be mine. Soon you will see things more horrible than you can even imagine. [Looks into the crowd and sees Nipples erotically dancing.] Well maybe not that horrible, but still pretty bad.

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Question: Why do Nicky, Adrian and Chasias always stand on things that are hot? examples include: Nicky sitting on a barbecuer at the apartment, Adrian (as the priest) standing on a perfectly good pepperoni pizza (shame on him) and so on, so why do they stand on hot things?

Answer: They all grew up in Hell, so Earth is freezing cold to them.

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