Corrected entry: In the scene where Edward and Bella kiss in her bedroom, when they move to the bed, you can hear a faint "OK" in the background. (01:15:55)


Correction: Stop downloading illegal copies of this DVD. The real DVD has no such sound heard in the background.


Corrected entry: After they leave Edwards house through his bedroom window and Edward asks Bells "Do you trust me", Bella's shoes and pants are muddy. They weren't muddy when they were in his bedroom.

Correction: I'd think that since they have climbed the tree and jumped out of the window at this point - on what is likely a rainy/muddy day - that her pants and shoes would definitely be muddy by the time he asks her, "Do you trust me?"


Corrected entry: In both the scenes where Edward, and the rest of the Cullen teens are sitting at the school's cafeteria, you can see them with hot dogs, salads, apples and other snacks. This contradicts the scene where Bella arrives at the Cullen's home for dinner, and it is revealed that the Cullen family never eats and is cooking for the first time. They eat stuff other than animals they hunt.

Correction: When Bella visits their home it is revealed only that they've never used their own kitchen before. It would be rather suspicious if the Cullens didn't at least keep up appearances during lunchtime.

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Corrected entry: In scene where Bella and Charlie are in the restaurant, Bella and Charlie reach for the ketchup together. Charlie lets Bella get it, but none comes out.

Correction: So it was empty, and Bella gave up on it. You'll notice Charlie does not reach for it after Bella puts it down even though he wanted some; he knows now that there's none to be had in that bottle.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Edward throws down food, in the background Emmett is eating something, and in the book vampires don't eat human food.

Correction: Discrepancies between the movie and its source material aren't movie mistakes. And within the film, it's explained that while it's true the Cullens don't eat human food, they do so in order to avoid raising suspicion about themselves.

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Corrected entry: When Jacob comes to the beach and sees Bella he is apparently with Quil and Embry. But in the credits, there is no Embry Call. There is a Sam Uley, but that makes no sense, since Jacob doesn't hang out will Sam till New Moon (2nd book) because he thinks he is bad.

Correction: First, movie and book discrepancies are not movie mistakes. Second, the character is clearly Sam, with or without the credit, as noted by his tone when speaking of the Cullens. None of the other boys in the tribe believed enough in the stories to have that level of dislike toward the Edward and the others. Finally, Sam did not begin acting strangely and therefore gaining Jacob's dislike until the events of New Moon, so there's no reason at this point in the story for Jacob, Quil, and Sam not to be hanging out together.

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Corrected entry: This happens during the vampire baseball scene, when Jasper is up to bat. While Alice is winding up to throw the ball, you can see Carlisle running off of second base. However, after Jasper swings, Carlisle is running off of second base again. (01:20:45)

Correction: A player on first may choose to begin running to second before the pitcher has actually pitched, decide they've left too early (giving the pitcher time to throw the ball to the first basemen instead of the catcher getting said player out), and therefore choose to return to first, only to begin their run to second again once they deem the time right. This is the scenario Carlisle found himself in.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Bella and Edward are lying in the meadow, there is a shot that shows the angle of Edward's neck. In that shot his heart beat is visible in his jugular vein.

Correction: In the context of the movie itself, we are told nothing about vampire anatomy. There is nothing to indicate that they do not have beating hearts or veins. While the movie is based on the book it does not have to follow every detail and since it is not mentioned within the film it doesn't really qualify.


Corrected entry: In the lunchroom scene, after Edwards flips the apple back up at Bella, you can see he is sweating (under his arms) and yet they stated before that his skin is ice cold.

Correction: Liquid on the skin is not the same as heat. We are told nothing about vampire anatomy or physiology. They may have a sweating mechanism different than ours.


Corrected entry: The physical layout of Bella's bedroom does not match the outside of the house. The bath is to the right of Bella's bedroom, the bath window should be on the same linear wall as the large double window in the front of the house. There is (of course) no small bathroom window on the front of the house.

Correction: Bella's bedroom is on the back side of the house. You never get to see this side from outside. That's why you also don't see the bathroom window.


Corrected entry: While Bella (Kristen Stewart) is in the hospital near the end of the movie, her eyes are green, her natural color, but during the rest of the movie, they are brown.

Correction: No, Bella's eyes are VERY brown in the hospital.


Corrected entry: As Bella and Edward arrive to the baseball field, they pull up in the SUV, then walk along what seems to be a river's edge, with a tall waterfall in the background. You never see the waterfall during the baseball game, and when they leave the field and walk to the SUV, the SUV is parked practically on the field, a few steps away from where they are standing.

Correction: Just after Alice says "it's time" and Rosalie is getting ready to pitch, you can see the waterfall right behind Bella's right shoulder.


Corrected entry: When Bella walks right past Edward into the forest, just before she tells him that she knows what he is, she is wearing a bright red backpack, but in the forest she is not.

Correction: Just as they pass that huge tree and Bella stops, you can see her take her backpack off and throw it on the ground. That's why she's not wearing it later.


Corrected entry: During the Baseball scene when Carlisle is up to bat, he points out his shot, and in the background you see Esme, Rosalie and Jasper, but no Bella who is suppose to be umpire. When Alice throws the pitch and he is about to hit it she still isn't there, but when he starts to run and you're looking at his back side, Bella is suddenly there behind Esme.

Correction: Bella IS there. Look to the extreme left of the screen and you can see her shoulder and arm. In the tight shot of Esme, there is no reason why Bella would be visible.


Corrected entry: When Mike turns around after Bella hits him with the volleyball, you can obviously see it is a different actor and he has black hair. Then they switch the shot onto Bella and when it comes back it's the real actor who plays Mike with dirty blond hair.

Correction: That is definitely the same actor. What you see is the 're-growth' as you can still see bits of blond at the ends. When he turns around you can see re-growth as well, but not as much of it. The lighting toys a bit with his hair colour in the two shots as well.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bella is just coming home after the baseball game, when she goes into her room you can see Edward standing against the wall right next to the door. Charlie being right behind Bella would be able to see him.

Correction: Bella is blocking Charlie's view of the room.


Corrected entry: When Edward and Bella walk onto the gazebo at the prom, the two pairs of dancers already on the gazebo walk away twice during the scene.

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Correction: Not true. Repeated viewings show that the 2 couples only leave once- shown from a few angles.


Corrected entry: The bite marks are simply birthmarks and too small to be an actual "human" bite.

Correction: If you are refering to the two moles on robert pattinson's neck, they are not "bite marks" they ARE his moles. And were never intended to be representing the bite.


Corrected entry: In the cafeteria scene, many of the flags visible in the background are not quite right, for example the Australian flag is supposed to have 7 stars, not 5.

Correction: Its actually just the New Zealand flag.


Corrected entry: When Bella says, "I planned to confront him .", the white car arrives with Jaspar and Emmet, who is is prepared to hop out, then Jaspar opens the door. In the next shot, Emmet does jump out of the car but we see Jaspar open the door again. (00:14:00)

Correction: Jasper doesn't even open the door the first time you say he did. He opens it once when Emmett has jumped.

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Continuity mistake: When Bella is in the hospital, in the close-up of her face, the breathing tubes are right by her eyes, but when the shot is further from her face, the tubes are on her cheeks. (01:38:20)

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Edward Cullen: I don't have the strength to stay away from you anymore.
Isabella Swan: Then don't.

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Trivia: At the end of the movie when Bella is sitting on the bench prior to prom, Jacob offers to help her since her foot is in a cast. Edward says to Bella "I leave you alone for two minutes and the wolves descend." This is a veiled reference to the fact that Jacob is indeed a wolf, which you find out in the second book "New Moon." (01:44:15)

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Question: When Edward and Bella were by the lockers at school, how come Edward couldn't read Bella?

Answer: Edward is able to read anyone's mind "except" for Bella's, he cannot understand why and that confuses and frustrates him. Bella has some unknown ability to block any mental intrusion.

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Answer: Edward can't read Bellas mind because of an invisible barrier that protects her from mind effects. After she became a vampire, she was actually able to transfer the barrier to protect people. However she had to train to control the power.

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