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Corrected entry: When he tells Greta that he would have got the burglar 10 grand, she storms off, and he says: wait I didn't understand the question, which is a lie, and he apparently can't do that.

Correction: He's not lying. When she asked him if that's justice, his history as a slimy lawyer at first made him think that she was asking if the settlement the burglar got was fair.

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Corrected entry: The power of the wish is very inconsistent. Sometimes Fletcher has to be 100% honest, but sometimes he just can't tell a blatant lie. For example, when Miranda asks Fletcher if he enjoyed their sex, he says he's had better. When the judge asks Fletcher who beat him, he describes his own physical characteristics, deliberately fooling the judge into thinking he's talking about another person. Although it's not technically a lie, it's completely dishonest. If the power was consistent, in the former scene, Fletcher could've just said he enjoyed the sex. I'm sure he did enjoy it, even if he'd had better. So he would've been able to answer without lying, but without telling the full truth, like he did in the latter scene. Or alternatively, if the power was consistent, in the latter scene, Fletcher would've had to admit he beat himself.


Correction: He accurately answers the questions 100% honest each time. He has somewhat control of it, he can't lie but he can be clever about it. The after sex scene is an exception as he wasn't prepared for it, just like in the elevator and arriving at work. It was on his mind that he had better sex so it just came out at that point, honestly. But later he figures out he can't lie so he has to be clever about it. The judge asked him who did this to him, so instead of saying it was him he describes himself. This doesn't change the rules of the curse.


Corrected entry: Fletcher realizes that he cannot lie in court. So he decides to ask for a bathroom break so that he can beat himself up to buy more time. When he returns the judge asks him what his attacker looks like. Fletcher is able to lie by providing a full description of what this "mystery man" looks like. Not a minute after the judge asks if he can continue despite having been attacked, now Fletcher is back under the spell of not being able to lie as he replies that he indeed can proceed with the case.


Correction: He's not lying about what the "mystery man" looks like – he's describing himself.

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Corrected entry: Whenever Fletcher makes fun of Mr. Allen he has to end his insult with "figuratively speaking" or else it would be a lie (his boss isn't actually cow dung). How come this rule doesn't apply to the other people he insults at the board meeting, such as "you have your head so far up Mr. Allen's ass I can't tell where you end and he begins"?


Correction: You're taking it too literally. Remember that Fletcher is being asked what he THINKS about people, not what they actually are. In the example you mentioned, of course the guy doesn't actually have his head up Mr Allen's ass, but to Fletcher he is essentially a brown nose, so it isn't a lie. He doesn't need to say 'figuratively speaking' every time.


Corrected entry: After the "The pen is blue" scene, Greta comes into Fletcher's office and says that the people from the case wanted to know if he had any intentions to settle when he yelled it in court. Flecter says "I just proposed a settlement to dick with them," which would be a lie. He proposed a settlement to try to get out of the case without ruining his career, not to mess with them.

Correction: They were talking about another case, not the one he just came from.

Correction: This movie was released in 1997, many years before the other two films. It's just a coincidence, not trivia.

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Corrected entry: In the state of California, all parties are required for consent to be recorded, much less be used in a court of law as evidence as one's infidelity in the tape recording we hear.


Correction: True, but irrelevant as the gentleman himself confesses to the adultery while on the stand. It's not illegal to present the recording, it just can't be taken into consideration by the court as evidence.

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What would be the point to presenting evidence that can't be considered as evidence?


Corrected entry: After Greta bails Fletcher out of jail, they are outside of the courthouse. Fletcher runs past a homeless man, then returns to him, taking handfuls of change from his pockets and throwing it at the man. Wouldn't you hear the change jingle in his pocket?

Correction: Not necessarily.

Corrected entry: After Fletcher has beat himself up in the bathroom, he is dragged back into the courtroom by a guard. He then tells the judge that he was beaten up and he even gives a description of the assailant - he is supposed to be impervious to lying.

Correction: He's not lying: he describes himself. That's the joke. That's why Fletcher closes his mouth over his "big teeth."

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Correction: Not true at all. I fly for business several times a month, and I usually am offered a beverage before we take off. This usually happens in First Class, but I have received beverages in coach as well.

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Corrected entry: It is established that Fletcher is totally incapable of lying, even if he doesn't want anyone to believe the lie (e.g. the scene with the blue pen). That being the case, when he sarcastically remarks that Samantha Cole weighs 105 'in her bra', he shouldn't be able to say it as it's not true.

Correction: But from the tone in his voice we can tell he is saying it sarcastically. Everyone knows that her breasts aren't 105 pounds. Since it is meant sarcastically it isn't a lie.

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Corrected entry: When Greta is quitting and asks Fletcher the question about the burglar suing her friend and he gives the wrong answer, he says "I didn't understand the question" which is a lie.


Correction: Greta did not ask what Fletcher would have gotten the burglar, she asked if the man getting the money was fair, and to Fletcher, a defense lawyer, it was not fair because he could have gotten the defendant more money. So in essence, he didn't understand the question. Greta meant fair to her friend, he was referring to fair for the burglar.

Corrected entry: When Fletcher goes to pick his Mercedes Benz up after it is towed, he screams about a scratch being on the car. There is no scratch visible throughout the rest of the movie.

Correction: The Mercedes got scratched at the towyard, and you don't see Fletcher's car again for the rest of the movie.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Fletcher is in jail and talking to his ex-wife and he is yanked off screen by a guard. If you look into the reflection in the window of the door behind him you can see him and the guard bump into the wall off screen. (01:08:50)

Correction: Okay, guard and Fletcher hit the wall... Is it a movie mistake? In movies nobody can hit the wall?

Corrected entry: When Jim Carrey is chasing the plane with the flight of stairs, he is able to catch up to it. The guy who fixed it must have been one hell of a mechanic because flights of stairs don't go over ten miles per hour, while most planes get up to 50 miles per hour when taxiing.

Correction: Planes generally taxi around 20 knots, which is about 23 miles per hour. Although in most cases, stairs wouldn't need to be driven that fast, they can certainly go faster in the event that they need to be repositioned to a different part of the airport, they wouldn't hold up airport traffic by only doing 10 miles an hour.

Corrected entry: When Fletcher proves his client was underage at the time of the prenup making it void he also proved she was underage when signing the marriage license. This was previously corrected by stating "An underage person has a certain amount of time to invalidate a contract once the person turns 18 after which it then becomes valid". So fair enough - the marriage then becomes valid as they were married for longer than this period. However under the same law the pre nup would ALSO become valid at such time, making it a valid contract.


Correction: Most states allow marriage at a younger age with parental and/or judicial consent. A marriage is not the same kind of contract as a prenup agreement or any other agreement.

No, but any kind of contract with a minor - marriage or prenup - is ratified after a certain period after the 18th birthday if it is not specifically voided before that time. Both the marriage and the prenup should be valid given Samantha's age (for marriage in California the deadline is two years).

Corrected entry: If Samantha Cole had lied about her age on her pre-nup, that would constitute a fraud committed on both her husband and the court. Her husband would not be held liable to pay the money, given that fraud. She wouldn't get 11 million dollars. What she would get would be multiple felony convictions, as she has obviously perpetuated her lie on other official documents (i.e. the driver's license).

Correction: That's all very true, and there would likely be another fraud trial later, negating any settlement Mrs. Cole was to receive. But in terms of the prenup what happened in the film is correct.

Under common law a contract with a minor is voidable, not automatically void. In most U.S. jurisdictions the deadline for avoiding a contract is 6 months after a minor's 8th birthday; in California, for a marraige, it is 2 years. The prenup would have been ratified as would the marriage. (Whether the terms of a particular prenup are enforcable either in part or in its entirety by its very nature is another queston that would need to be dealt with).

Corrected entry: When attempting to lie about the pen, Fletcher says to himself "You can beat this, it's all a matter of will power", which is a lie. He can't beat it, and it isn't a matter of will power.

Correction: No, but he is expressing his belief. He does not yet know what it is that prevents him from lying, so as far as he knows, it is a psychological thing that can be overcome by willpower.


Corrected entry: When Fletcher is chasing the plane on the flight of stairs and is trying to get the pilot's attention, the pilot says that they are clear for take-off. But wouldn't the control tower have informed them prior to that statement that they can't take off yet because someone is chasing them on a flight of stairs which would delay the take-off?

Correction: Obviously this was not the case. The tower may have been unaware that the stairs were taken, and it is only a minute or two that the plane is cleared from the time he took them. Also, the pilots report it to the tower, and decide not to take off, so the crisis is averted anyways.


Corrected entry: When Jim Carey's ex is helping him get his impounded car out of the tow yard, she pays with a check, but as she is handing the check in, a sign can be seen hanging above the counter that states that checks aren't accepted.

Correction: The sign says 'no checks accepted without check guarantee card'. Since we never see the start of the transaction, we have to assume that Audrey used her card.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Audrey is in the mini-van with Max, she has her seat belt on, then the camera cuts to Max, and when it returns to Audrey with her seat belt off.

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Suggested correction: They are in the car several times during the film. Which scene are you referring to?

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Fletcher: Look. I need to lie. Everybody lies. Mommy lies. Even the wonderful Jerry lies.
Max Reede: But you're the only one who makes me feel bad.

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Trivia: Jim Carrey turned down the role of Dr. Evil in Austin Powers so he could do this movie.


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Question: Wouldn't lying about your age constitute as fraud? If so, why was Samantha Cole let completely off the hook?

Answer: First of all, she's not "on the hook" anyway...this is a divorce proceeding, not a criminal trial. And second, this film has multiple inaccuracies in its depiction of the legalities involved (see Legal Eagle's two-part analysis on YouTube for a very good rundown); the fact that no-one brings up fraud is the least of them. It's not important to the plot, so it is simply brushed aside, counting on us (the audience) not worrying too much about it, like so many other lapses of reality in comedy movies.

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