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Corrected entry: When Fletcher is chasing the plane on the flight of stairs and is trying to get the pilot's attention, the pilot says that they are clear for take-off. But wouldn't the control tower have informed them prior to that statement that they can't take off yet because someone is chasing them on a flight of stairs which would delay the take-off?

Correction: Obviously this was not the case. The tower may have been unaware that the stairs were taken, and it is only a minute or two that the plane is cleared from the time he took them. Also, the pilots report it to the tower, and decide not to take off, so the crisis is averted anyways.


Corrected entry: When Jim Carey's ex is helping him get his impounded car out of the tow yard, she pays with a check, but as she is handing the check in, a sign can be seen hanging above the counter that states that checks aren't accepted.

Correction: The sign says 'no checks accepted without check guarantee card'. Since we never see the start of the transaction, we have to assume that Audrey used her card.


Corrected entry: When Fletcher is beating himself up in the bathroom, watch the part with the soap. He squirts and rubs it only on his palms, but rubs his eyes with his fingers and screams.

Correction: Actually I watched this part and he rubs it on his whole hand, including his fingers. Maybe it wasn't a lot on his fingers but who wants to put a lot of soap in their eyes? He wasn't that desperate.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jim Carrey goes to his son's school he takes him out of class when his teacher is reading a book, but 5 minutes later she is telling the boy to come in from recess. How could the class be at recess when 5 minutes earlier she was reading a book in class? That is the shortest recess ever.

Correction: The book that was being read does not have to be read through to the end, so the teacher stopped mid-story when it was time for the recess break. As for recess being 5 minutes, this is actually quite realistic. In one of my children's schools there are short recess breaks spread across the long school day, with two extended recesses as well.

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Corrected entry: In the morning court session, the Judge calls the case of "Samantha Cole v Richard Cole." This indicates that Samantha, who is listed first in the case caption, is the Petitioner and that Richard is the Respondent. However, when the case goes to trial in the afternoon, Richard presents his case first, meaning that he is the Petitioner, and Jim Carrey, Samantha's lawyer, states, "the Respondent calls Kenneth Faulk." Accordingly, the Petitioner and the Respondent flip-flop from the morning to the afternoon session.

Correction: This is not a mistake. Samantha Cole was countersueing on grounds of Abandonment and mental cruelty. This makes both parties both Plaintiff and Respondant.

Corrected entry: When Jim Carrey is trying to get the attention of the pilot, he takes off his shoe and throws it at the window. The shoes he is wearing are brown dress shoes, but if you look closely at the shoe that is thrown at the window, it is more of a cream colored high top.

Correction: Actually, if you watch closely, you can see the shoe is in fact a darker brown shoe, like the ones that Jim Carrey is wearing.

Corrected entry: In one scene, Fletcher is in court and he totally messes up his hair. But when he gets off the elevator a few seconds later, his hair is perfectly combed.

Correction: It's a few seconds in the movie, but it wouldn't really have only taken a few seconds to get from court to his office. All he really would have to have done is run his hands through his hair to smooth it back down.


Corrected entry: When Jim Carrey's wife is lighting the candles on their son's birthday cake towards the end of the movie, in one shot while she is talking to Carrey on the phone, she is about to light the candles on their son's birthday cake. In the next shot, all of the candles are lit, and the match is burnt out.

Correction: First of all, Jim Carrey's character was at the party. There wasn't a conversation between Fletcher (Carrey) and Audrey over the phone. They were in the same room. As far as candles go; when that scene happens, they are already singing happy birthday to their son.

Corrected entry: At the end when Fletcher is going to stop Max from leaving on the plane it is supposed to be at 8 something pm at night but when he arrives at the airport and the plane is just leaving and the sun is clearly out and it appears to be about 2 in the afternoon and then after he crashes off the staircase it is completely dark.

Correction: Since he crashed into the fence and ended up lying in a pile of luggage, and with two broken legs, it could've taken the emergency crew some time to find him, get the luggage off him and make room to get him out, check him for injuries, put temporary splints on his legs, get an ambulance and put him on the gurney.

Corrected entry: After Carrey returns from the bathroom after having beaten himself up, the judge says that he has no choice but to suspend the hearing "unless, of course, you feel as if you can continue", to which Carrey, not being able to lie, must respond yes. However, Carrey had been asking all day for a continuance without the spell stopping him from doing so. It's not a lie that Carrey couldn't have continued with his case considering the spell he was under, so he should've been able to answer "no"

Correction: When Carrey said that he would really like a continuance, he wasn't lying, as he obviously did really want a continuance, but when the judge asked if he felt he could continue, he obviously did feel he could continue. So there is no mistake here.

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Corrected entry: In the scene where Fletcher is on the courthouse steps after beating himself senseless, Max calls Fletcher on his cell phone and tells him about the kids that want to play ball with him now. Max asks if Fletcher is still coming and if he still wants to be Jose Canseco and Fletcher replies, "Of course. Who else is going to hit that famous Nomo slider". Baseball enthusiasts know that Nomo is famous for his "splitter" or split-finger fastball not a slider.

Correction: Keep in mind that Fletcher is not always the most attentive father. Max might have talked about the famous Nomo splitter but Fletcher didn't pay enough attention so he remembers it as the Nomo slider.

Corrected entry: When Max is having his fifth birthday party at the beginning of the movie, there is a clown and a bunch of adults hanging around having a good time. If this party was for a 5 year old and had a clown present, why were there no other children the same age? There were only a group of adults. What child wants to have a party like that?

Correction: There are children there. You see them in other shots.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Fletcher is bashing himself up in the bathroom, he rubs soap in his eyes and bashes himself up pretty bad. I mean he even faints when he smashes himself into the wall. He shouldn't have to lie to the judge about whether he feels well enough to finish the trial. He should be able to tell the judge 'no' because it looks like he beat himself up pretty bad.

Correction: Fletcher could have just been hoping that the judge didn't ask if he could continue, because deep down, he may have felt able to, even if he was in extreme pain. He was probably hoping that the judge would just let him go just from the sight of him, but this obviously wasn't the case.

Corrected entry: At the end, Fletcher proves that since his client was underage at the time she signed the prenuptial agreement, the contract was null and void, and she won the money. BUT... the reason she lied about her age was so that she could get married... but a marriage license is a legal contract, too, which would mean that since she was underage, the marriage was null and void also. Therefore, she would not be owed one cent, because she was never legally married to the guy. Can't be a common law marrige, as they only exist in 15 states. I think they were supposed to have lived during their marrige in California, which isn't one of them. See:

Correction: The marriage would actually be valid because a minor only has a certain amount of time (typically, 6 months) to invalidate a contract entered into when such person was underage once that person turns 18 (or the age of emancipation in that state). After that time has passed, the contract (here, the marriage) would be valid. Since the client was married for more than 6 months after she turned 18 and she never declared the marriage invalid, the marriage would still be valid.

Corrected entry: When Fletcher goes to Max's school and speaks to him the bell goes and Max says "mom said we are moving to Boston." How did Max know if his mom said she would tell him AFTER school?

Correction: Max's mom said, "I have something important to talk to you about", as she was dropping him off at school. It shows her taking his hand and leading him away, this is where she probably told him about moving to Boston. She never said, "I'll tell you after school".

Corrected entry: When Max and Audrey are going to the airport, notice that there's a lamp on the left of the camera, but they leave without turning it off. That's pretty curious considerating the fact that they are moving to Boston.

Correction: They're just going to look at houses with Jerry.

Corrected entry: When Fletcher's secretary, Greta, is walking away from him because she is angry, she asks him what he would have gotten her friend because of the burglar, and he says $10,000. Then he says he didn't understand the question...that is a lie because he already told the truth.

Correction: Greta did not ask what Fletcher would have gotten the burglar, she asked if the man getting the money was fair, and to Fletcher, a defense lawyer, it was not fair because he could have gotten the defendant more money. So in essence, he didn't understand the question. Greta meant fair to her friend, he was refering to fair for the burgler.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Fletcher is sitting outside the courthouse (court is in recess following Fletcher's self-battery), Samantha and her lover approach him to discuss their testimony. They agree that Fletcher will "walk them through the tape" and that they will give the explanation that he came up with. Problem is, Fletcher had never heard the tape before that day (or he would have known how it could be proved that the voice on the tape wasn't Cole himself). That being the case, he wouldn't have had the time to come up with a rationale for the tape, and even if he had, he couldn't have proposed any lies for them to tell. (Also, I'm not sure, but aren't the rules of discovery being violated, since Fletcher was apparently unaware of the contents of the tape and it was not being used for witness rebuttal?).


Correction: Firstly there was nothing to indicate Fletcher hadn't heard the tape. If you have a read of the script you will see he never admits to not hearing the tape. Secondly Fletcher was having a hard time keeping quiet so his outbursts were more out of frustration, as he says for his reason for objection "Because it's devastating to my case". That just means it was a damning piece of evidence, not that it hadn't been heard. Remember he couldn't lie so he would know that if he hadn't heard it he would likely make the court aware of it and that it would be inadmissible. Thirdly Fletcher never talked about his strategy of the case, only that they were going to lie. As pointed out he never admitted to not hearing the tape so being that he couldn't get through with his line of questioning because it contained lies, means that he more than likely wrote the questions and answers the day(s) before and knew about the tape.

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Corrected entry: In the scene at Max's birthday party, Audrey is talking to her boyfriend in the kitchen. She holds the candles in her right hand and then she moves her hand down towards the cake. In the very next frame, they show the cake with all of the candles already arranged on the cake.

Correction: If you look at how the candles are positioned, it is VERY possible that she put them all on the cake at once, not one at a time. This wouldn't have taken much time, roughly enough between the shots to appear natural.


Corrected entry: Jim Carrey is cursed so that he cannot lie. But in the courtroom, when he is filed for contempt, he yells "I'm Jose Conseco. I'm Jose Conseco." How could he say that if he couldn't tell a lie?

Correction: While this is not literally true, Fletcher was planning to play the role of Jose Canseco when he and Max played catch together.

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Fletcher: Look. I need to lie. Everybody lies. Mommy lies. Even the wonderful Jerry lies.
Max Reede: But you're the only one who makes me feel bad.

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Trivia: In the scene where Carrey is in the stretcher at the airport, if you look in the back of the crowd to the right, you will see Fire Marshall Bill from In Living Color. He can be seen when Carrey's ex-wife is speaking to the officer speaking on a walkie-talkie. (01:16:11)

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Answer: Because in addition to alimony, she also wants child support payments. Plus, she is being vindictive.

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