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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Fletcher is in his office and he's trying to write that the pen isn't blue, he swipes everything from his desk and there's then an overhead shot showing the only thing left on his desk is a small piece of white paper on the right hand side. A few seconds later the piece of paper has disappeared and has instead been replaced by what looks like a drinking straw.


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Continuity mistake: When Fletcher moves underneath the wing of the plane on his flight of stairs, another plane is seen in front of him. It disappears when the pilot sees the shoe land on the windscreen. There is also no sign of the barrier and luggage area that he crashes into a few seconds later. (01:14:50)


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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Max is being driven to school,you can see that sometimes he has his seatbelt on, sometimes not.


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Continuity mistake: When Fletcher takes his son to the office, they step out the lift and a woman in a purple suit is seen walking to the left. In the next shot, the same woman is walking to the right. (00:06:25)


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Continuity mistake: Just before Greta hands Fletcher his son's birthday present, the cup and saucer on her desk disappears and re-appears between shots. Her glasses and the gift to herself also change position. (00:07:45)


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Continuity mistake: When Greta is packing her belongings away in a box, objects like rubber bands keep appearing in front of it, without her putting them there. The angle of the box changes as well. (00:44:15)


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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Fletcher is driving the flight of stairs, and trying to catch up with the Tower Air jet, the sky changes from cloudy, to clear, to partly cloudy throughout the scene.

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Continuity mistake: During Max's birthday party near the beginning of the film, Audrey takes the cake out of the box and places it on the kitchen counter, and then puts birthday candles on the cake. In the next shot, the cake is sitting on a glass plate that wasn't there before. (00:17:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Fletcher beats himself up in the bathroom, he flings half of his jacket off of his left shoulder. In the next shot, that half of the jacket is back on his shoulder.

Revealing mistake: When Fletcher is beating himself up he goes into a stall and squishes his head with a toilet seat. You can see that the white part underneath is made out of foam because it keeps squashing down.

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Cop: Do you know why I pulled you over?
Fletcher Reede: It depends on how long you were following me!
Cop: Why don't we just start from the top?
Fletcher Reede: Here it goes. I sped, I followed too closely, I ran a stop sign, I almost hit a Chevy, I sped some more, I failed to yield at a crosswalk, I changed lanes at an intersection, I changed lanes without signaling while running a red light and SPEEDING!
Cop: Is that all?
Fletcher Reede: [Forced.] No. I have unpaid parking tickets.

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Trivia: When Jim Carrey goes to his son's school and reveals that he cannot lie, his son asks him some questions, one being "If I make this face will it get stuck that way?", while of course making a funny face. Then Jim Carrey responds with, "Uh Uh, in fact some people make a good living that way". Do you think the second part of the line is in reference to himself? I think so... (00:42:31)


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Question: After Fletcher gets his son to try to unwish the "No lying" wish, he tests to see if it works. He gets slapped in the face. When his son asks "Did it work?", Fletcher says, "Not as well as I had hoped." What did he mean by that?

Answer: As you said, he was testing to see if the wish was broken--by going up to an attractive woman and talking to her. While we don't hear what happens, he apparently said something a little too "forward" to her (probably more forward than he would have done otherwise, hence the "not as well as I had hoped"), and got slapped, so he knew that he was still under the wish's effects.


But I want to know what he said to the woman.

It's deliberately made unclear what he specifically said, because him getting slapped in the face is the gag that shows the audience that he's still under the spell. If we heard what he said, then we would know right away the new wish wouldn't have worked. It's ultimately up to the viewer's imagination to decide what he told the woman.

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