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Corrected entry: In the scene where Ishmael and Roy are bowling at the rich guy's house Roy tells Ishmael that he needs 3 strikes to win but Ishmael only bowls 2 strikes.

Correction: He bowls 3. 2 before Claudia gets the beer and 1 after.


Corrected entry: During the flashback to Roy's sendoff, his convertible had flush grilles set into the hood. During the rest of the movie, the car had a plain hood instead.

Correction: When we flash forward to present day he has a door that's a different color as well. It isn't inconceivable that his hood got damaged and he simply replaced it, just like the door.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Munson is preparing to bowl his first frame at the end, we see him look at Ishmael who is holding a sign saying "Go Roy". As soon as it cuts back to Roy, Ish is holding a sign saying "Will Work For Food". The cut was very quick, so there is no way he would be able to flip over the sign that quickly.

T Poston

Correction: He simply had two signs stacked on top of each other.There would be plenty of time to drop the one in front to the show the second.

Corrected entry: In the scene where McCracken gets Roy to pretend they're dictionary salesmen and bowl for money, Roy has to bowl and hit the 6, 7 & 10 pins. When he bowls, you can see the 6, 7, get knocked down, and one of them goes behind the 10 pin, which magically falls down like it was being pulled down with string. It's obvious neither a pin nor a ball hits that 10.

Correction: The six pin goes across the lane and knocks the 10 pin over from behind.

Corrected entry: When Roy and Claudia are fighting in the car park, Roy's rubber hand somehow manages to grab her ankle.

Correction: The hand has a slight curve so it just looks like it is gripping.


Corrected entry: In the final scene, Roy's rubber hand is pulled off and thrown into the crowd but immediately after you see Roy sitting down with his hand.

Correction: This is incorrect. If you pay attention, Roy is sitting by himself there is a janitor sweeping behind him. He then bends down, pick up the rubber hand, and hand it to Roy over his shoulder.


Correction: I know what you are talking about. Woody Harrelson's hook is hidden in the towel he picks up and puts on his lap. The hand you see is actually his real hand as he is putting the hook on.

Corrected entry: Bill Murray bowls first at the beginning of the final match. However, in the tenth frame, Munson bowls, and then Murray, where it should have been the other way around.

Correction: In tournament play (at least in North America), the first bowler would bowl one frame, then the second would bowl 2 consecutive frames, then each of them would bowl 2 consecutive frames (on alternating lanes). Therefore, the second bowler to start the first frame would be the first to bowl the tenth.

Corrected entry: When Roy starts his first roll in the finals, he bowls on the 4th lane from the right, and pins are also set up in the adjacent 3rd lane. As he finishes, he is now on the 3rd lane and the pins in the 4th lane have disappeared. Watch the logo on the wall above the pins to keep track of the lanes.

Correction: In tournament play, standard procedure is to alternate lanes each frame. Therefore, if on the first frame he's on the fourth lane from right he would bowl the tenth frame on the 3rd lane from right.

Corrected entry: How is it that Roy Munson can tutor the Amish guy on how to get a strike first time when he first meets him, but then spends the rest of the movie struggling to improve his own game?

Correction: Many of the best sports trainers are actually terrible at the sport they train. They're all just former players who stopped training themselves, and give their knowledge of the sport to somone else.


Correction: Not to mention he lost his dominant hand. He'd never attempted to bowl with his prosthetic before.

Brian Katcher

Corrected entry: In a scene where Roy and Claudia drive, trying to find Ish, Roy drinks from a gin bottle in one shot, and then from a whiskey bottle in the next.

Correction: He drinks from the same whiskey bottle both times he is shown drinking.


Corrected entry: At the Championship in Reno, Roy gives the two ladies his 1979 State Championship Ring to keep until he can win the tournament and then pay off his championship dues. He loses the tournament to Ernie McKracken, yet he has the ring after the torunament, because he shows it to the two guys during the brawl outside his car. Since Roy didn't win the tournament, the ladies should have kept the ring.

Correction: A runner up in a tournament would get some sort of compensation or contract with a sponser. So the tournament would release the ring back to him.

Corrected entry: In the scene near the beginning of the movie (Roy is grown now) Roy gets out of his car at the local bowling alley. He is putting his jacket on and he rips it. If you look carefully, one minute Roy is facing the camera, and the next minute you get a side view of him.It's a pretty bad skip in the film that almost anyone will notice.

Correction: These are just cut-to shots to speed up the movie.

Corrected entry: When the people put Woody's hand in the machine to cut it off you can see the 1979 ring is on his hand that is cut off, but later the ring is back on his fake hand.

Correction: What's to say that he wasn't able to get the ring back?

Factual error: During the movie, which is based in '79, Roy has a Rhino bowling ball. Rhinos weren't made until '85.

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McKnight Bowl Bartender: So, you two are dictionary salesmen?
Roy: You would be punctilious in assuming that."

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Trivia: According to the commentary on the DVD, the man who plays the snake wrangler is the Farrelly brothers' father.

T Poston

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