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Corrected entry: When the kidnappers stop at the traffic lights, and the orphans spot Sandy and start calling him, surely Miss Hannigan, Rooster, Lily or Annie would have heard them, considering the windows are open and they are all calling Sandy quite loudly.

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Correction: They DID hear the orphans but chose to ignore them. If you look, Annie is struggling to get to them and is leaning towards the sound of their voices, so she heard them. The rest of them were anxious to get away and they knew if the reacted, they'd be caught, so they just act like they don't hear anything.

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Trivia: Despite being shot in the early 80's, the organ that Annie plays on hasn't been functional in some 40+ years.


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Question: At the end: Miss Hannigan is seen at the party, but shouldn't she have been arrested along with Lily and Rooster? She was an accomplice to the planning and kidnapping of Annie, so that alone should have got her some sort of punishment.

Answer: Most likely Mr Warbucks had some sway in the outcome of things. Because Mrs Hanngan in the end did try to save her life, and was also assaulted by her own brother when she turned on him, Annie and Mr Warbucks statement probably got the police to let her go. Also it would seem that Punjab liked her. She came around to the right side in the end.

Answer: No charges were pressed against her due to her attempt to protect Annie from Rooster.

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