Annie (1982)

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Factual error: This film is supposed to be set in 1933, but at one point we see a helicopter, a machine that wouldn't be invented until after World War II.

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Suggested correction: The helicopter was originally theorised by Leonardo da Vinci in the 1400s. Early practical versions began to appear in the 1920s, and by 1932, helicopters were able to carry more than one passenger. Although a machine that could carry three people from NY to D.C. was not possible in 1933, in the context of the movie, Warbucks would be able to afford a privately built copter, with improvements of course, for personal use.

Audio problem: When Punjab is making the plant move by magic in front of Annie (just before Grace walks in and tells Annie that she is going to Washington DC to meet the President), he lands it on a table, and she says "Wow", but her lips don't move - she just smiles at him.

Heather Benton

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Trivia: In the "Let's go to the Movies" prologue number at the theater, one of the lines is: "Only happy endings, that's our guarantee," but then they show "Camille," which has a very sad and depressing ending.


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Question: Question regarding the search for Annie's parents: When Mr. Warbucks launches the nationwide search for Annie's parents using the best legal and investigative minds of the day, should they not have discovered that said parents died in a fire? The authorities somehow knew there was an abandoned child and where to send the parents' "junk", and Miss Hannigan was informed of the deaths. Obviously, someone knew Annie was at the orphanage and whose child she was. How did Warbucks' top notch team of private eyes miss that?

Answer: Mrs. Hannigan's box of Annie's parents' things might have the only record of her birth certificate. This is the 1930s, after all. Paper records went missing all the time.

Captain Defenestrator

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