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Continuity mistake: While Annie and Stacks are in the Stacks Mobile helicopter, Annie's seatbelt shoulder strap repeatedly changes from being over her shoulder properly to being under her arm. (01:03:00)

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Visible crew/equipment: While Annie, Miss Hannigan, and the inspector are in the bathroom, just as Annie says, "Bye, Mr Inspector," right above Miss Hannigan's hand we can see in the mirror's reflection that something dips into view, presumably the boom mic.

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Factual error: When they are chasing Annie's fake parents into Liberty State park, the park is not located near the George Washington Bridge, as shown immediately before they entered the park, and NYPD would not give chase into the park, since Liberty State Park is located in New Jersey.

Continuity mistake: When Annie starts to sing 'I think I'm gonna like it', she jumps on some water stones. In one shot she jumps on the second stone, but when the angle changes, she lands on the first one.

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Revealing mistake: While Miss Hannigan is singing "Little Girls", she sees one of her foster girls as a lamp on a table. As the camera and scene continue down the hall, a foot can be seen in the background as the girl jumps off the table to be replaced with a real lamp.

Other mistake: Will's rating increased by 5% because he saved Annie from being run over. A guy happened to be filming it happening and uploaded it online, but the uploaded footage is shot from two different angles.

Plot hole: After Hannigan feels guilty for what she did, she confesses to the girls, and they find Mr. Stacks to tell him. The fact is, they went straight to where he worked - but Annie never told them the destination, and Guy himself never told Hannigan where it was either. So, how did they get there, and most importantly, know where it was?

Continuity mistake: When Miss Hannigan is in the kitchen mixing things in the blender the blender is full of liquid. The amount of liquid changes to about half full.

Continuity mistake: When Stacks spits the mashed potatoes on the homeless' face he has bits all over. In the side shots his face is clean. This changes back and forth.


Continuity mistake: When Hannigan throws the Annie shirt at Lou he picks it up in one hand and moves it to the other hand which he lifts up in the next shot but when he does it is either in the original hand and out of frame or else completely disappeared.

Hannigan: Like me on Facebook.
Will Stacks: I don't like you in Harlem, why would I like you on Facebook?

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Trivia: Guy's last name, Danlily, is only said once in the film when he introduces himself to Hannigan.

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Question: When Mr. Stacks was telling Annie what ingredients to use, and she had only heard of two of them, which two was it?

Answer: Probably steak and tomatoes. But there's really no indication which ones she actually knew (and might have been exaggerating).


Answer: I'm not familiar with this specific part, and I don't know what the third ingredient was, but I'd assume that an orphan during that time period never heard of or had the opportunity to eat steak.


Also, the reply was "Google it." You must also be thinking of a different version of the film since it's not set in the past.


Might be better not to offer replies until you've seen the specific part of the film, given your answer isn't really answering the question asked.

Bishop73 said "probably steak and tomatoes" - which is a guess. Without knowing what the third ingredient was, it is reasonable to speculate that orphans, especially during that time period, never saw, heard of, or had eaten steak. Yes, it is best to actually see that part of the movie, but this is a question that the answer can reasonably be based on conditions of orphanages and the low quality of food fed to them.


Except I made an educated guess based on knowing the scene and all 6 ingredients and indicated there was no in-film indication what the character meant. You still think it was only 3 ingredients and set in the past.


I have seen several versions of "Annie" but none lately. Whether there were three ingredients, six, or a hundred, it is still plausible that an orphan never heard of steak. Perhaps an orphan might know there is a category of food called " meat", and the "slop" in the soup was called "meat." Kids in orphanages were not treated well, were barely fed enough, and the "food" usually was not what would be called nutritious, especially when eaten day after day. Something like steak would not be likely to be served to orphans largely because the institution's limited food budget would be prohibitive - therefore, only cheap foods would be available and many orphans were hungry. Even in contemporary society, steak is not something likely to be served to kids in institutions like group homes.You might be surprised at the type of things kids who come from poverty situations don't know about. [Even some kids from wealthy families don't know that French fries are made from potatoes.]


None of this seems relevant to the actual question. Bishop73's answer was a reasonable speculation which was already qualified, and which you're nitpicking for no good reason. His other answer details all the ingredients involved and you're fixating on "an orphan wouldn't have heard of steak". We don't KNOW, so going on a diatribe about the hypothetical knowledge of orphans is way off topic. Not least because THIS version of Annie has her as a foster kid, not an orphan, and "that time period" is 2014. If you've got a better answer you can provide it as a direct answer, but excessively critiquing someone else's answer isn't helpful or productive.

There's a difference between knowing what steak is and eating it. There were 6 ingredients (not 3); fusilli, pancetta, steak, pomegranate, truffle, and sun-dried tomatoes. You think an orphan is more familiar with fusilli, pancetta, truffle or pomegranate over steak?


Yes, other than pomegranates.


If she was never exposed to steak, she would not know what it was.


Yes, if she was never exposed to steak she wouldn't know it, which is why I said there was no indication. But I can't imagine a scenario where an orphan wasn't exposed to steak, but was exposed to fusilli, pancetta, truffle or pomegranate. I'm an adult that's eaten a lot of different things and I've never had any of those 4 items (although I know what they are), so it's more likely an orphan knows steak, especially it the generic sense as opposed to a specific type of steak being mentioned.


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