Annie (2014)

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Corrected entry: We learn that Annie is unable to read. If this is so then how was she able to read the note that she has with her?

Correction: When Annie's reading the note on the back of Domani's receipt for "the millionth time" we see that she's not actually reading it, because she has the words memorized. She treasures those words, and every time that note was read to her when she was younger it just became ingrained in her memory.

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Corrected entry: In parts of the movie, such as during "Little Girls", Cameron Diaz's hair is short, but then in others it's long again.

Correction: Cameron Diaz's hair is in a small plait/braid on her left shoulder in Little Girls. It's not shorter, just styled differently.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Annie is dressed up, the butterfly on her hair is put on the left side, but when she gives a speech later that evening it's on the right side.

Correction: The first time you see Annie dressed up, Grace is adding the butterfly to her hair on the right-hand side whilst looking at her reflection in a mirror.

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