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Trivia: The T-Rex was named Roberta by the dinosaur supervisor Phil Tippett in the original storyboards for the film, and was a nickname for the animatronic amongst the crew. Fans more often call her Rexy.

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Trivia: An explanation of why the triceratops was sick is in the Michael Crichton novel and the original screenplay, and a deleted scene - the triceratops swallowed rocks to grind its food as it didn't have teeth that could manage this. Once the rocks were worn down in its stomach it vomited them back up, along with the poisonous lilac berries that it had unintentionally swallowed at the same time as the new rocks. This is why there are no berries or rocks in its mound of poop. Laura Dern briefly picks up some rocks and berries, clearly forming the connection, but the rest of the scene was cut.

Trivia: One of the sounds used to create the velociraptor sounds were turtles mating.

Trivia: Cameron Thor, who plays Dodgson, bought a shaving can to his audition, which the producers used in the film as the embryo transport. At the time, Cameron was so broke that he took the can off set and used it to shave.

Trivia: In the German translation, the producers added an unintentional (and probably mostly unnoticed) meta joke. As an answer to Tim's joke question "What do you call a blind dinosaur?" they used "A See-Nix Saurus" which, unlike the original answer, with trivial spelling differences works just as well in German. (Probably) unbeknownst to them, the spelling of the answer is actually "A Xenix Saurus." It is aimed at aging Unix operators, implying they are old enough to still have used the Xenix OS, and are therefore a fossil. A probably quite small number of Unix geeks (including me) took that as a VERY clever jab at his computer geek sister, and were very disappointed by the fact that it isn't even present in the original dialog.

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Continuity mistake: While Lex and Tim are hiding in the kitchen, when the large serving spoon falls it cuts to the closeup of the two Velociraptors and the tall shelving unit has vanished, but in the next shot when the one of the raptors leaps onto the counter that tall shelving unit is back.

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Question: Where do the staff and crew of Jurassic Park go after the dinosaurs escape? I mean you see a staff member tending to the triceratops, there were many scientists in the dinosaur lab, and would assume that there would be many more people on the island but they are nowhere to be seen after the dinosaurs escape.


Chosen answer: They all left on the same boat Nedry was trying to get on with the embryos. You can hear Samuel L Jackson's character announce that the boat will be leaving at a specific time and everyone had to be there or be left behind.

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