Continuity mistake: When the camera is zooming in on Quint as he gives his speech at the town meeting, there is a woman in black and another in blue, seated in the room. In the next shot of people in the room listening to Quint, the woman in blue is in the foreground, but the woman in black who was sitting right next to her, has vanished. (00:20:00 - 00:20:35)


Continuity mistake: As the shark bursts through the port side windows, the remaining port side wall and window frame around it keeps changing between shots - from an entirely broken frame to a partial intact frame, and so forth. (01:57:50)

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Continuity mistake: While Quint slides towards the shark and subsequently munches on him, then leaves, the articles and debris on the deck noticeably change between shots, regardless of the water splashing about. (01:57:05)

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Continuity mistake: As the Mayor walks over to the couple on the beach, to persuade them to go into the water, the back of the woman's lounge chair is visible. In the following shot from behind, as they stand up, suddenly a yellow towel is leaning over the back of her chair. (00:56:05)

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Continuity mistake: After Brody says, "You're gonna need a bigger boat," he and Quint step out on deck and stare beyond the port side. However, in the next shot from behind them, they face starboard side as the shark swims nearer, but when Quint says, "Shut off that engine," they face port side again, with a close-up of Hooper looking port side as well. Then finally Quint follows as the shark passes from starboard to port side. (01:21:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Sean mimics his father, Brody's glasses are lying upright on the table. However, when Hooper sits down the glasses are upside down and other things on the table change position, etc. (00:38:10 - 00:39:50)

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Continuity mistake: While Quint makes his offer at the town meeting, when he says, "I don't want no volunteers, no mates...," the chalkboard is beside him in this close-up. The doodle of the shark on the board, and the actual wood grain of the chalkboard frame all differ from the previous shots. (00:21:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Michael and his two friends are sitting in their boat, in the pond, in the first close-up they sit on the white wrinkled up sail, but in the next wideshot two of them sit on the spread out blue tarp. (01:02:00)

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Continuity mistake: As Quint and Hooper drink to their legs, Brody lifts his sweater to see his own scar. Beside the portable stove, to Brody's left, there are four canned goods behind the green canisters of gas. Just after the shark starts to ram into the boat, there is a close-up of the stove, but now there are only two canned goods, a cup appears, and other changes in position, eg the liquor. (01:28:20)

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Continuity mistake: While Hooper and Brody speak with Quint at his place, Quint tosses a large duffel at Hooper. In the shot looking up, the opening of the bag faces Quint, when it is inches away from Hooper's hands. However, in the next overhead shot as Hooper catches it, the duffel now faces the opposite direction. (01:07:25)

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Factual error: Shooting an oxygen tank (or even an air tank) would not cause it to explode, rather the tank would just empty quickly, but it wouldn't blow up, no matter where the bullet hit.

Factual error: When the woman is yelling that the shark is in the pond, it shows the shark's dorsal fin and tail fin sticking out of the water. The tail fin is moving straight. If the shark needs its tail to swim, wouldn't the tail fin be moving side to side? (01:01:00)

Continuity mistake: After Brody walks out of the store with sign supplies, Brody places the box, etc., in Hendricks' arms, with the points of the five wood stakes facing Hendricks' right side. In the next shot, when Brody drives away as Mayor Vaughn calls out to him, Hendricks walks over with his arms full, but all the stake points now face his left. (00:11:15)

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Continuity mistake: As Orca heads out, first there is an interior shot that pans in through the large shark jaw framed window, showing the Orca a good distance away from Quint's place. However, in the next close-up of Brody, the Orca is just pulling away from shore. (01:11:55)

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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene after the shark has pulled out the stern cleats and the three men are kneeling down in the boat; look at the window of the cabin door of the Orca, and you can see the crew on a separate boat being reflected in the glass. (01:45:10)

Continuity mistake: After Hooper says, "Oh boys, I think he's come back for his noon feeding," when Quint rushes to the pulpit one of the iron rail bars around the pulpit is bent, but in the following shots it is straight again. (01:39:15)

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Continuity mistake: After Quint scrapes the chalkboard with his nails, in a close-up when he says, "Gonna stay alive and ante up, or gonna play it cheap," the papers pinned to the bulletin board are visible in the room behind him, as well as the chair, etc. In Quint's next close-up, the papers differ with additional pink and blue sheets and the chair is now at the other end of the board. (00:21:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Hooper and Brody tie off the stern cleats, the amount of line, and the way the lines are wound round the cleats, varies in the following shots. (01:42:35)

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Continuity mistake: In his bedroom, when Chief Brody asks, "How come the sun didn't used to shine in here?" the ashtray and lamp are visible beside Ellen. In the following shots the ashtray and lamp's electrical cord noticeably keep changing positions. When he walks out of the bedroom, something (mug?) appears on the desk near the window that wasn't there in the previous shot. (00:05:20)

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Continuity mistake: In the scene where Chief Brody is staring at the water in his chair on the beach, before Alex is attacked, his watch is on his right hand, then suddenly the watch is gone. (00:14:55)

Quint: Hooper! Stop playing with yourself Hooper!

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Trivia: The reporter on the beach is Peter Benchley, who wrote the novel "Jaws," and also co-wrote the film's screenplay.


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Question: When Quint and Hooper are comparing leg scars, they are sitting near each other with legs overlapping. The shot moves to Brody, then back to Quint and Hooper at the table, sitting apart. Quint is fastening his pants, buckling his buckle, and zipping his zipper. He obviously showed them something that was edited out of the movie. What was it?

Rick Neumann

Answer: Possibly a scar from having his appendix removed, I've been told.

The appendix shot is Brody - he is feeling inferior as the other two share tales of the sea and the only scar he has is from his appendix being removed.

Chosen answer: I just watched this on DVD. As the men were supposed to be comparing their body scars to one another, it appears that Quint had just shown one that was hidden beneath his pants. Whatever this was, it was edited out. When movie scenes are originally filmed, they are usually much longer in length than what is in the final version. After editing, some actions, dialogue, and character movements are deleted either to shorten the running time, for better storytelling flow, or the action was considered unnecessary to the scene. Also, film censorship at this time (mid-1970s) was far stricter than it is today, and it may have been that a review board deemed it inappropriate to have a character unzipping his pants in that manner and insisted it be removed from the final version.

raywest Premium member

I believe it was Brody, not Quint that was looking down his pants. And I believe that he was embarrassed that his (maybe appendix) scar was not as big or impressive as Quint and Hoopers.

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