Casino Royale

Other mistake: During the chase with the fuel truck at the Miami airport, Bond depresses the brakes, which apparently aren't working, and the truck rolls on. Two problems: first, after almost hitting the plane and sliding sideways, the brakes skid to a halt and you can hear air discharging from the brake system. Which brings up the second problem: since the truck is air brake equipped, there is no way it would have continued rolling if the brakes were malfunctioning. Part of the air brake system on all trucks since 1974, have a safety feature which "dynamite" the brakes if there is no air pressure in the system. This locks up the brakes with the spring brake system, making the truck stop. The truck was newer than 1974, meaning it would have had the CVSS safety braking system from the manufacturer, and would have skidded to a stop if there was no air in the system.

Other mistake: When Bond retrieves Demetrios' phone, he finds the Ellipsis message he watched Demetrios send a few moments earlier. We know this must be the message he sent because it's the only message that comes up when Bond accesses the "Sent Messages" menu (indicated Demetrios deleted all prior messages). Yet the time stamp on this message is July 6 at 19:12, the same as the message sent to the bomb maker three days earlier (since the replacement bomber's phone says it's July 9). The idea that Demetrios actually hired two people for the bombing, and texted them both at the same time, doesn't make sense in the context of what the film establishes. He tells Le Chiffre he has someone else in mind to do the job, but he needs the particulars and payment. Someone already hired to do the job would already know what to do. Also, Bond watches Demetrios text the message, which is how he knows to check the phone, and the only message is Ellipsis sent to one number, which Bond later calls to find the new bomber on the street. Therefore, the timecode on the second Ellipsis message must be a mistake.


Other mistake: In order to watch the surveillance video in the security office at the Ocean Club, Bond is using a first generation Blu-Ray player. The player reacts quickly as he use it, but in reality, these players are very slow in reacting to these commands when they initialise the table of contents of the disk. Usually, any disk insertion to play takes a minimum of 30 seconds for the least encrypted disk on these players. (00:28:05)


Other mistake: At the end of the shootout in the embassy, Bond shoots compressed gas containers which cause a large explosion. This explosion apparently has enough force to blow open the gate behind 007, since the large metal gate is bent and hanging off its hinges like it has been damaged by an explosion, but he is unharmed. He didn't even have to get out of the way.

Other mistake: In the sinking building when James Bond pulls the electric wire from the wall and puts it to the bad guy, at first he is not touching with anything but the wire. The next shot with Bond in it shows Bond holding the bad guy at the shoulder. Both would be electrocuted at this point.

Other mistake: The password for the money has 5 letters, but later Vesper puts in 6 letters; her name Vesper, the password, has 6 letters.


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