Casino Royale

Corrected entry: When Bond and Solange see each other on the beach, in the shot where Bond first comes out of the water (close up) there are several people in the background and a boat moving left of frame. However in the next wide shot of him everyone around him disappears and there is now a boat moving right of the frame. (00:30:30)

Correction: It's just the angles - the first shot is from Bond's left, and he's looking slightly over his shoulder towards Solange. The next shot where everyone vanishes is from straight on - the people around him are to the left, offscreen, and the boat moving right of frame we actually saw in the earlier shot, heading left to right, and it ends up in the right place.

Corrected entry: When James and Vesper are lying on a deserted beach and their yacht is in the distance, how did they get to the beach? There is no dinghy tied up on the beach. They aren't naked. Did they put their clothes in plastic bags and swim? The yacht is quite far away. And when we see them sailing (motoring) into Venice, there is no dinghy trailing behind them or an inflated one lashed to the yacht.

Correction: Often yachts are serviced by launch services in most large harbors. For a small fee like $5 a ride or $20 a day a small boat will pick up and drop off people on visiting yachts. Far more common really than using a small dinghy, especially if people are dressed up to go out for dinner etc.

Corrected entry: When Bond loses all his chips at the poker match, Felix tells Bond he will give him his chips to play with, but Felix is seen still playing later, which he shouldn't be; he doesn't have any chips.


Correction: Leiter is offering to stake the five million for Bond's buy-back to return to the game after Vesper refused. He says at the time that he's almost out of chips and knows he can't beat Le Chiffre, but he thinks Bond can do it.

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Corrected entry: This is the first Bond film in which both of the Bond girls are killed.

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Correction: Jill and Tilly Masterson are both killed in "Goldfinger", Paula Caplan and Fiona Volpe are both killed in "Thunderball" and Naomi and Felucca are both killed in "The Spy Who Loved Me".

Corrected entry: When Bond shoots Mr White in the leg, he drops his mobile, but it's there, so why doesn't he pick it up and call someone - an ambulance, maybe - instead of crawling in agony to his front door?


Correction: He's crawling for cover. What good is an ambulance, or anyone else, going to do him when he's obviously being shot at right that very moment? Wasting time uselessly fiddling with his phone would have been the stupidity.

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Corrected entry: In the sinking house scene, during the shot of the house sinking just before Bond gets slashed across the chest, a blue screen can be seen briefly in the top right of the shot. This was put behind the model of the house during production. It would be hard to pass this off for sky as it is a very dark shade of blue. (02:07:00)

Correction: The peek of blue in the corner of the described shot is consistent with the sky colour in the preceding shots of the building. It seems to be a dark sky-blue, far from the bright pure blue used for 'blue screen' shots.

Corrected entry: When Bond starts to type his resignation letter on the boat in Venice he's wearing an Omega Planet Ocean watch with a black strap. When he finishes typing and closes the laptop he's wearing an Omega Seamaster with a silver strap - a completely different watch. (01:57:10)

Correction: If you watch the blu-ray version closely you can actually see that the watch strap is metallic throughout the entire scene, it looks black because the shiny omega bracelet is reflecting the laptop/water/his leg.


Corrected entry: In the final fight, in the house in Venice, a bad guy shoots a nail gun at Bond. Nail guns use safety catches that prevent them from firing unless pressed firmly against a surface. Although this safety can (on some models) be pulled back to allow a nail to fire, this is never shown to be the case, and since the gun was picked up from a construction site it can't have been modified by the bad guys.


Correction: Not all nail guns have these safety features. At least in Holland these are available, and so presumably also in Venice, which is also in Europe.

Corrected entry: During the first big poker game between Bond and Le Chiffre they are playing Texas Hold 'Em. Bond and Le Chiffre are the only players left in the game. During the final betting interval, Bond "calls" Le Chiffre, meaning he matches his bet. The dealer says to Le Chiffre, "Monsieur, you have been called. Showdown, please." Le Chiffre displays his cards, revealing a full house. Bond puts his cards face-down and says "Fold." You may not fold during a showdown. A player may not throw away his hand without showing it merely because a previous player has announced a higher-ranking hand; every player who is 'in on the call' must expose his full hand face up on the table in the showdown. You can only fold during the betting interval when it's your turn to bet.


Correction: This is simply not true. The rules allow a player to "muck" his or her hand at anytime, even after calling. If a player wants to muck his hand, he can announce he folds, as Bond did. Rules do allow for a player to see the mucked hand of someone involved in a showdown, but Le Chiffre did not ask. There was no Texas Hold 'Em rule violation and no mistake.


Corrected entry: At the Miami airport, the bomber turns a key in something marked 'Emergency Sprinkler Override'. An 'override' would turn the sprinkler system off, not on. Sprinkler systems are usually filled with pressurized water. When a fire occurs, a lead link in a sprinkler head melts after reaching a designed temperature. This allows water to flow only through the specific sprinkler head(s) above the fire. You can turn an entire sprinkler system off by interrupting the flow of water into the system, but you can never turn an entire system 'on' with the flip of a switch or turn of a valve.

Correction: "Sprinkler systems are always filled with pressurized water" - Not true. Fire Sprinkler Systems are primarily comprised of two designs, dry and wet systems. Fire sprinklers can be automatic or open orifice. Automatic fire sprinklers operate at a predetermined temperature. Open orifice sprinklers are only used in water spray systems or deluge sprinklers systems. Only the open orifice types go off all at once, and then only when they are arranged in a "deluge" system. The open orifice sprinkler is identical to the normal, automatic sprinkler, except the automatic heat-sensitive element is removed. Fire is detected outside the sprinkler itself. So, in a nutshell, what happened in the movie is very possible.

Corrected entry: in the scene where Bond wins the car from Dimitrios, before he bets everything the dealer just revealed the Turn (4th card), however, after the betting round is done and no other cards are dealt, she asks them to reveal their hands and the 5th community card is on the table (Dimitrios' 3rd King).

Correction: Actually, the flop was 9, 3, A, then the scene shows the dealer puts down a 7 on the turn, Bond checks and Dimitrios bets 5 thousand, Bond calls then the dealer throws the K out on the river, then they both shove their chips. The scene was accurate.

Corrected entry: At the end of the foot chase with Bond and the bomb maker, as the bomb maker runs into the embassy, the guard already has the bomb maker's papers in his hand and is talking on his radio getting some kind of confirmation, before the bomb maker has even stopped to hand him his papers.

Correction: There's nothing to indicate that those are indeed the bomb maker's papers that the guard is holding. He may have been dealing with someone else as the bomb maker approached.

Corrected entry: In casting Daniel Craig as the new James Bond, the filmmakers broke with the tradition, starting with Roger Moore, of using an actor who had previously been up for the role. (Sean Connery had been chosen over Moore, Moore over Timothy Dalton, and Dalton as a last-minute replacement for Pierce Brosnan.).

Correction: In Roger Moore's book he wrote that he was never approached to play Bond in Dr. No.


Corrected entry: On the last hand of the poker game, since Le Chiffre called Bond on his All In, Bond should have showed his cards first. But for the drama, Bond showing last was best suited .


Correction: 'Should have' but not necessarily 'must have.' I play live poker quite a lot and I can say that some of the arrogant players love to show their cards 'out of turn' because they think that they have the winning cards. Sometimes the dealer can make a mistake also, prompting the wrong player to reveal their cards.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Bond goes after Le Chiffre in the casino intending to stab him he first picks up just a normal table knife. When he encounters Felix on the stairs it has switched to a steak knife.

Correction: It's a steak knife with a serrated single-bevel edge. The side of the blade with the bevel and serrations is face down on the table making it appear to be a common table knife, whereas the serrations are visible while Bond has it against his wrist.

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Corrected entry: When Bond and Vesper sail into Venice they are in a yacht with a tall mast that would never be able to make it up the Grand Canal to the Rialto market where we see them as it would never be able to pass under the bridges crossing the canal.

Correction: Not sure what the error is here. The submitter is saying that the boat cannot possibly be there because of the height of its mast. But the boat is indeed at the location where the scene is being filmed; so either the fictional Bond or the real life filmmakers found a way to get it there - even if the mast had to be removed to do it.

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Corrected entry: When Vesper and Bond are in the Venice hotel room near the end of the film, we see Vesper get out of bed and see her get dressed - there is no bra visible as she does up her dress. Cut to a few minutes later after Bond has pulled her from the sinking building, and her wet dress reveals the outlines of a bra under the same dress we seen her put on earlier.


Correction: It's not a bra, it's just some support "built-in" to the dress. Many womens' garments have these.

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Corrected entry: When Bond has the cardiac arrest M is watching the number of his pulse and we hear the beeps. We hear the pulse slow down, but the number just changes from 134 to 133. The sound of the beeps indicate a pulse much slower than that - maybe only around 60.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: It is possible to have an electrical rate of 133 (what M sees), but it only corresponds to an actual (felt) rate of 60. There are a lot of technical, medical reasons for this, but I have seen it many times in my patients that are about to code.

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Corrected entry: In an early scene, the setting is listed as Uganda. As Bond chases his target through a construction site, one can see the ocean. Uganda is a land locked nation.


Correction: These are completely different scenes. The Ugandan scenes involve Le Chiffre visiting the terrorists to discuss handling their money. The sequence with Bond chasing the bomb-maker across the construction site takes place in Madagascar, which is an island.

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Corrected entry: Someone with Bond's training should know that to resuscitate a drowning victim, you first have to force the water from their lungs. Second, to perform CPR properly, you must tilt the head back, or you will just fill the stomach with air.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Correction: There is nothing in the American Red Cross CPR guidelines about forcing water from the lungs of a drowning victim. No matter what the circumstances are you check for respirations first; if they are absent then you give two deep breaths, then check for a pulse. Bond does not do a completely proper head-tilt before administering the breaths, but the guidelines also specify that you do not need to overextend (reposition) the head if you see the chest rise when giving ventillations. And minor deviations from proper CPR procedures could be caused by how distraught Bond was at the time. My job includes giving CPR instructions to people over the phone; it is much more difficult when the caller is trying to resuscitate a loved one.

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