Deliberate mistake: When Frenzy attacks Sam, the teenager wears straight leg jeans with a narrow leg opening (not boot cut) and thick-soled Nikes, seen in numerous shots, as he kicks at the Decepticon. After the cut to Mikaela (who finds the reciprocating saw), during which Frenzy has already pulled off the bottom of Sam's jeans, Sam continues to kick and scream just before he gets up and runs. Problem is Sam still wears both thick-soled Nikes, neither of which slipped off as Frenzy maniacally pulled the jeans, with narrow leg openings, from his kicking legs/feet. Impossible even in the best of circumstances.

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Deliberate mistake: If you pay extremely close attention to the scene of all of the Decepticons responding to the small Transformer's message regarding the location of the Allspark, notice that the shot of the police car and the fake helicopter pilot are duplicate shots used earlier in the film.

Deliberate mistake: At the corner of the roof, Sam clutches the statue as he protects the All Spark from Megatron, who then destroys the statue causing Sam to fall. In the overhead shot of Sam falling, as the chopper flies by, we see the All Spark leave Sam's grip and actually fall behind him. Yet, in the next close-up the All Spark is safely held in Sam's arm again. (02:06:50)

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