Transformers mistake picture

Other mistake: During the chase scene on the highway, when Sam says, "It's the same cop," they pan to a wide shot to show the whole freeway with the cars on it. All of the vehicles are on the wrong side of the freeway. When looking out of the back of his car, you can see the fronts of all of the cars coming towards the camera, and you can see the text on the signs facing the camera as well. You can also see crowds on the flyover, watching the filming. (01:50:05)

Other mistake: In the scene in which the US Army SpecOps survivors of Qatar are being picked up, they were sent a Huey. However, the US Army has replaced the Hueys with the Blackhawk.

Other mistake: When Sam and Mikaela are parked at the top of a cliff after "breaking down", Mikaela lifts the Bonnet of Bumblebee to check the engine. Mikaela, who's the car expert, states the motor has a carburetor, yet the manifold on the engine was one for a direct injection motor. (00:24:50)

Other mistake: During the last fight, Megatron and Optimus Prime fly through an office building while locked in combat. It is shown that the interior of this building is filled with both people and furniture, but when they crash through the last wall, only building debris fall to the ground with them. No people, furniture, office supplies, papers or any of the things that the building was full of.


Other mistake: When Optimus Prime comes powersliding into Mission City, take a close look at the ground. You can see skidmarks from previous attempts. (02:00:00)


Other mistake: When Optimus picks up the glasses from the edge of the river, his hands are really out of size: the glasses are nearly as big as his thumb, while minutes before, they were big enough to hold two teenagers. (01:29:15)


Other mistake: When checking the eBay auction for his ancestor's glasses, the seller name is listed as 'Ron Witwicky'. eBay would list Sam's user name - 'ladiesman217' - as the seller, not a full name that isn't even his. It is clearly established throughout the film as the glasses are being sold through Sam's own account. (00:17:40)

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