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Trivia: When Bumblebee first appears it parks itself in the used car lot beside a yellow Beetle. The yellow Beetle was Bumblebee's original form in the Transformers cartoon series.


Trivia: Before its release, Transformers was voted "Best Summer Movie You Haven't Seen Yet" at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards.


Trivia: There is an extra scene mid-way through the credits.


Trivia: The claw on Bonecrushers Manipulator Arm on the real Buffalo MPV is only 14 inches wide. The producers wanted the claw to be bigger and meaner so a larger wider claw was built and attached to the Arm to make Bonecrusher look more menacing.


Trivia: When the meteors containing the Autobots crash to Earth, people are running towards the crash sites to see what's going on. One guy with a video camera is saying something like "This is gonna be a hundred times better than 'Armageddon', I promise!". Of course referring to the movie 'Armageddon', a film also directed by Michael Bay. (01:00:10)


Trivia: When the Xbox 360 transforms, the sound used is not the normal Transformers sound, but the sound made by the 360 when you turn it on.


Trivia: Director Michael Bay has stated that he decided to make Bumblebee a Chevy Camaro in order to avoid comparisons to Herbie the Love Bug. Indeed, Bumblebee behaves a lot like the Disney movies' Volkswagen Beetle, performing various cheeky actions in the Transformers film reminiscent of Herbie.


Trivia: When Megatron flies in on Sam, he throws away a silver Mercedes-jeep. Take a close look at the numberplate of the car (slow motion and/or pause definetly required, but allowed for trivia) it reads "Energon", the substance that powers Transformers. (02:02:00)


Trivia: During the highway battle towards the end, a small shot shows the Autobots and Decepticons driving in a wide shot of the entire highway. There is an overhead bridge, on which are standing many people with their cars, as they watch the shooting. Michael Bay, in his director's commentary, said that they were Transformers fans who lived in the nearby area.


Trivia: The "changing sound" that is familiar to all Transformers fans from the TV show, was added to the movie despite opposition from Michael Bay, who wanted a more "robotic" sounding transformation. Hasbro would not license the film unless the director at least stayed true to this one aspect of the TV franchise.

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Trivia: Peter Cullen, the voice of Optimus in the cartoons, was cast as the voice of Optimus in the movie due to public demand, after it was determined that his voice hadn't aged too much. Frank Welker, who voiced Megatron in the original series, was also in the running for this film, but his voice was now too old to fit the character.


Trivia: According to Michael Bay in the DVD commentary, Optimus Prime's body language was inspired by Liam Neeson.

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Trivia: Before Sam goes away on the pink bicycle, he talks to his friend Miles who is chasing a big dog. That dog is Michael Bay's dog and has appeared in some of his movies.


Trivia: Michael Bay makes a cameo as someone flicked away by Megatron during the final battle in Mission City.

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Trivia: When Sam kicks Frenzy's head, a "Wilhelm" scream [src] is heard as the little maniac is sent flying into the distance.

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Continuity mistake: When Sam and Mikaela handcuff all the agents, Sam is wearing a black short-sleeved tee shirt atop a blue long-sleeved tee, before putting on the hoodie. We see the dark tee sticking out when he and Mikaela climb onto Prime. Then moments later, Sam is wearing ONLY a long white short-sleeved (we see it has short sleeves when Bumblebee gives him the All Spark later, through a tear in the hoodie sleeve) tee shirt under his hoodie, when he falls from Prime, when he witnesses Bumblebee's capture and thereafter. (Earlier, after he knocks Mikaela off the moped, from that point on there is a very large hole at the back of his blue and black tees, where we see his skin under the jagged material edges, with no white material seen anywhere. We also see no sign of a long white undershirt at any time when Sam's dark tees go up, during his many action shots.)

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Sam Witwicky: Fifty years from now, when you're looking back at your life, don't you want to be able to say you had the guts to get in the car?

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Question: Can someone please explain why all this happened more than 100 years after Megatron crash landed on Earth? Why didn't the Transformers come sooner?

Answer: Because the Decepticons didn't know where Megatron ended up for the last 100 years. Bumblebee arrived on Earth as a scout to check out for any clues, found the glasses on Ebay, signalled the other Autobots, which prompted Blackout and Frenzy to investigate the base in Qatar, which lead to Blackout downloading the base computers and Frenzy hacking the computers aboard the aircraft later leading to the discovery of Megatron's whereabouts.

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