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Hard Day's Night (1964)

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Corrected entry: The Beatles, followed by policemen run past a car thief several times as he uses a file to try to break into the car. He eventually gets in taking the file with him, but in the next shot as a Bobbie asks him for a lift the actual keys to the car appear and then disappear dangling from the lock. (01:13:20)


Correction: Perhaps that's why he was breaking in. If the owner had locked his keys in the car and not realised it, it makes the thief's job a lot easier.

Corrected entry: The desk sergeant tells the patrolmen, "Get Lloyd George (Paul's grandfather) over there next to the mechanic in the cloth cap and I'll sort this lot out will you". They bring Paul's grandfather over to sit next to Ringo but there's no one else there. (01:08:45)


Correction: The sergent is being facetious. Lloyd George refers to Paul's grandfather, so the sergeant means to get him over there next to the mechanic in the cloth cap, meaning Ringo. There shouldn't be anyone else there, since the reference is only to two people.

Corrected entry: John Lennon wasn't supposed to be in the bathroom scene in which George teaches Shake how to shave; he just happened to be in the bathtub at the time.

Correction: There are so many things wrong with those two sentences that it is difficult to know where to start. It is not a real bethroom - it is a set in the Borehamwood Studios. None of the plumbing would have been real, and the bathtub would have to have been filled by hand. A character in a scene - especially a featured player - is never 'just there'. He would have to be lit properly, for a start. Lennon is wearing a joke costume - in the bath. Why? For a movie laugh, that's why. He is a part of this scene as scripted and shot.

Corrected entry: At the point when George is asked to autograph a photo for Paul's grandfather, he pulls the pen out of his pocket before he is asked to sign.

Correction: He's a celebrity (albeit a minor one, in this film), and when someone holds a photograph out, he knows what they want - an autograph. Not a mistake.

Corrected entry: Just after John has his "you look just like him" conversation with the lady in the hall, he goes up the stairs, turns, and says "She looks more like him than I do," but his lips don't move.

Correction: Of course his lips doesn't move it's his inner monologue, he's saying that sentence to himself in his head.

Corrected entry: When John is in the bathtub playing with the ship, he goes underwater and you can see his black bathing suit beneath the bubbles.

Correction: When the bathtub is drained you can see John's suit still in the tub. This was a "funny" like George shaving the mirror, John bathes in his swimsuit. It was suppose to have been seen.

Jonna Whiteside

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the Beatles are boarding the helicopter John loses one of his shoes.

Correction: It's actually George losing the shoe, this is mentioned in one of the interviews in the Supplemental Material on the DVD.

Continuity mistake: As Paul runs out of the train to his awaiting limo its door is open. In the next shot we see him from a different angle and he opens the door again. (00:16:20)


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John: He's sex obsessed! The older generation's leading our nation in a state of galloping ruin.

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Trivia: During one of the songs, Shake brings an amp onto the set. Watch as George proceeds to knock it over seconds later.

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