Hard Day's Night

Trivia: During one of the songs, Shake brings an amp onto the set. Watch as George proceeds to knock it over seconds later.

Trivia: If you look at one scene where Shake and Norm are in a room talking, you can see a copy of John Lennon's book, 'In His Own Write,' in the background.

Trivia: In the press conference scene, when the reporter asks John if he has any hobbies, you can just barely see that he writes down "tits" on her notepad.

Trivia: A lot of the casting for the children in the film was done by Phil Colins's mum, this lead to him being given a cameo. If you look in the audience in the final performance, to the right of the handcuffed Shake, you can see the young Phil.


Trivia: The blond in the dining car is Patty Boyd who later became George's first wife who had three famous songs written about her: "Something," "Layla," and "Wonderful Tonight." The latter two were written by Eric Clapton, a friend of Harrison's, and who later became Boyd's husband after her divorce from Harrison. (00:09:35)


Trivia: Throughout the film people keep referring to Paul's granddad as a 'very clean man'. This is a reference to the programme 'Steptoe and Son' which Wilfred Bramble starred in. Through the entire run of the series he was constantly referred to by his son as 'You dirty old man'.


Trivia: Just before the Beatles escape down the fire exit you can hear Norm say 'And you'll stay in this room even if I have to put the lock in the key and turn it.'


Trivia: When the Beatles are running down a street to get away from some screaming fans, George takes a misstep and falls down. This was not intentional.


Trivia: Wilfrid Brambell plays Paul McCartney's grandfather in the movie, even though he was only 30 years his senior.

Trivia: The film's title track was written entirely in one sitting by John Lennon.


Continuity mistake: There is a scene in the movie where the Beatles enter a limousine, I believe at the beginning of the movie. In this particular scene the Beatles are all dressed in suits and ties, but when the Beatles are filmed in the limo, John Lennon is wearing a turtle neck sweater beneath a blazer.

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Reporter: What do you call that collar?
Ringo: A collar.

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Question: During the scene where John has the conversation with the woman in the corridor, what does she mean when she says, "I knew I could rely on you", have they met before?


Chosen answer: No, she has not met Lennon before, and she's unsure if it is really him. The whole conversation is written so that their bantering does not make any real sense, and it humorously depicts how famous people are sometimes perceived by the non-famous. Basically, the woman doesn't know what she is talking about but wants to sound like she does.


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