Hard Day's Night

Hard Day's Night (1964)

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Continuity mistake: Watch the clock on a wall. Six minutes of the movie go by but that clock hasn't moved one minute. (00:39:50 - 00:46:25)


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Suggested correction: The clock could be broken.

This is pure speculation, not a valid correction.


While it's possible the correction was done without viewing the scene/movie, a clock not moving (or showing the wrong time) isn't a valid mistake unless the same clock is shown working in the scene. The original mistake does not indicate the clock is working or that the time changes.


Continuity mistake: There is a scene in the movie where the Beatles enter a limousine, I believe at the beginning of the movie. In this particular scene the Beatles are all dressed in suits and ties, but when the Beatles are filmed in the limo, John Lennon is wearing a turtle neck sweater beneath a blazer.

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Reporter: What do you call that collar?
Ringo: A collar.

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Trivia: If you look at one scene where Shake and Norm are in a room talking, you can see a copy of John Lennon's book, 'In His Own Write,' in the background.

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