Hard Day's Night

Continuity mistake: There is a scene in the movie where the Beatles enter a limousine, I believe at the beginning of the movie. In this particular scene the Beatles are all dressed in suits and ties, but when the Beatles are filmed in the limo, John Lennon is wearing a turtle neck sweater beneath a blazer.

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Continuity mistake: While looking for the canteen, George inadvertently wanders into a production office. The receptionist takes George in to see Simon, who believes George is there to audition for a testimonial for those "dead grotty" shirts. While the receptionist is sitting on Simon's desk, her legs are straight. After Simon says, "Because he isn't wearing one of these nasty things", her legs are instantly crossed.


Continuity mistake: As Paul runs out of the train to his awaiting limo its door is open. In the next shot we see him from a different angle and he opens the door again.



Continuity mistake: When Paul's grandfather goes to the queue of girl's waiting to see the Beatles, he offers free autographed pictures. As he is mobbed he yells "Oh me bum....me hat.". We see his hat has been taken/knocked off as some bobbies come to break it up. A quick cut to a different angle and grandpa's hat is back on his head.


Continuity mistake: As The Beatles go out to the field while "Can't buy me love" is playing Ringo has his camera. It disappears after they come down the fire escape and doesn't return for the rest of the scene.

00:37:50 - 00:39:35


Continuity mistake: John asks Paul's grandfather, "Are you nursing a broken heart?" and if you look over his head the window is closed. No one goes near it but two shots later John stands up and walks over to the old man and the window is now open.

00:04:10 - 00:06:35


Continuity mistake: When the boys sneak off to the nightclub, the clothes they are wearing when they leave the hotel are different from those that they are wearing for the remainder of the night.

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Continuity mistake: When Ringo looks in the mirror in the hotel room he has a peeled banana in his hand, then in the next scene it disappears.



Continuity mistake: As The Beatles leave the train Paul goes through the first limo and we can see the second limo he's running to with a bunch of photographers standing at the side of it taking pictures. In the next shot the photographers are standing in front of the car and not taking any pictures.



Continuity mistake: When the Beatles run out into the field it's an overcast day. In the very next scene the sun is shining.



Continuity mistake: Paul's Grandfather has a wide grin on his face when Norm walks into their car on the train. In the very next shot it's gone.



Continuity mistake: Paul combs his hair in the mirror during the train sequence. After that a lock of hair appears over his left eyebrow for several shots. By the end of the scene his hair is back to being combed perfectly.



Continuity mistake: In several shots of the audience, girls can be seen sitting in seats, then several shots later they've moved and can be seen leaning over the balcony.

01:21:55 - 01:22:50


Continuity mistake: When they sing "Tell Me Why" for the TV show there's a shot taken from behind The Beatles. Here as John sings, "Well I'm beggin' on my bended knees" the microphone that was in front of him has now been moved and is facing Ringo. Later in the scene you can see that there are only two microphones on the stage here, one for Paul and George and one for John.

01:16:25 - 01:18:45


Continuity mistake: In all the overhead helicopter shots the shadows are very long. The shots on the ground have less of a shadow indicating they were done several hours later.

00:37:50 - 00:38:45


Continuity mistake: The stage lift that Paul's grandfather is sitting on while signing the pictures is larger, and a different color that the stage lift he comes up on in the middle of the play.



Continuity mistake: The TV producer talks to George and says, "I mean lines ducky, can you handle lines?" and his two assistants are sitting on the window sill in front of the blinds. In the next shot they both have moved over about four feet to their left and are not in front of the window anymore.



Continuity mistake: When The Beatles first enter their stateroom on the train we see the door as Paul opens it and there's a first-class sign on it. Later Norm and Shake leave the stateroom as the older grumpy gentleman walks in. They never leave but this stateroom is not the same one that The Beatles walked into before as it has another sticker under the first-class sign that reads, "All Seats Reserved".

00:02:55 - 00:06:00


Continuity mistake: Sitting at their table Paul's grandfather tries to convince Ringo to stop reading his book and if you look closely there's plenty of sugar in the sugar shaker. No one touches it but when the old man says, "So you are a man after all" the sugar shaker is all of a sudden empty.



Continuity mistake: At the very end of "I Should Have Known Better" all The Beatles' microphones have been removed from in front of them.



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